MAC Brand Analysis Essay

1. 0 Introduction The decorative industry is really competitory industry where merchandise benefits and trade name image are keys to success. The intent of this study is to show an analysis of the trade name M. A. C and its merchandise lip rouge with focal point on T-C-B and I-D-U analysis.

a clear placement statement and mark audience ( s ) including trade name trueness classs. The intent at the terminal of this assignment is to hold an apprehension of what nonsubjective M. A. C needs to concentrate on for a originative scheme in the 2nd portion of this assignment.

2. 0 Brand & A ; Product DescriptionThe type of merchandise selected for the placement exercising is lipstick ; the specific trade name selected is M. A. C cosmetics owned by Estlee Lauder Corporation. It is noted that “lipstick” is a merchandise description and is non owed but the company therefore showing M. A. C is one trade name corporation. To find if M.

A. C has a strong market placement within the women’s decorative industry peculiarly with their lipstick merchandise both secondary research ( trade publications ) and single “depth” interviews were behavior ( see Appendix A ) . and will be used for rating and decision.3. 0 AnalysisThe tools/models used for finding M. A. C’s market place were T.

C. B & A ; IDU theoretical accounts. The T-C-B theoretical account was used as a baseline for a serious of inquiries to steer a peculiar set of respondents that M. A.

C caters for and is taking to accomplish a strong market place in this choice class.3. 1 T-C-B3. 1.

1 The Target Customer ( T ) Positioning The primary mark demographic for any trade name of lip rouge is female. The types of consumers that are interested in bold coloring material choice. desiring to experience sexy and stylish and want a lip rouge that fit into their ain personal manner are M. A.

C’s mark audience. Thus the respondents used for this analysis are immature stylish witting person who seeking a expression without compromising on the manner tendencies.3. 1. 2 The Category demand ( C ) PositioningThere are many demands that the merchandise lip rouge needs to fulfill to the consumer. The general needs that all lipstick must make full are coverage or “staying power” and hydration ( lips non drying out ) this was concluded signifier appendix A. The demands that M. A.

C lipstick specifically fills can be divided into physical demands and the emotional demands. The most of import physical demands as identify by “in-depth interviews” were a good scope of colorss and appealing packaging. The most of import emotional demands stated through in depth interviews were the societal and single demands.3.

1. 3 Benefits ( B ) PositioningTo reason that the following Key benefits were of import to M. A.

C mark audience and the company and make full the class demands were drawn from the assorted responses from the in-depth interviews. These benefits are a “way in” to increase and keep the mark market ( T ) . M. A. C fills the physical demand being the big scope of colorss of lip rouge by holding the largest scope of lipstick colorss with 136 sunglassess in their lasting aggregation non including the releases of new limited every few hebdomad.

Compare to Bobbi Brown have merely 36 sunglassess in their lasting aggregation and Chanel which has 67 sunglassess this was discovered through secondary research and by corroborating this with in-depth interviews. When comparing the images of assorted packaging of different trade names of lip rouge in the in-depth interviews stimulations used to assist place benefits of the lipstick class to understand the assorted viing it was concluded that M. A.

C packaging as describe by the respondents as simple. plastic/glass. eye-catching. smart. fashionable and high merchandise.

Social demands is satisfied by belonging to a group. M. A. C associates itself with manner. prestige beauty and youth civilization and markets their merchandise through testimonies and word of oral cavity via manner shows and famous persons. Consumers who use M. A.

C lip rouge are “automatically” introduced to the M. A. C civilization and their societal demand is satisfied.

The demand of single is the biggest focal point of M. A. C lip rouge. An person may hold a demand for self-expression and this is expressed by manner and manner. M. A.

C realised that it could fulfill this demand by simple merchandise packaging made of plastic or glass ; merchandises have straight frontward names and tendency scene colorss.3. 2 I-D-U Analysis3. 2. 1 Cardinal versus differentiated benefit placement M. A. C lipstick adopts differentiated positioning on at least one of import benefit. For case M.

A. C is functionally different bright scope of colorss and its mark user is “individualists who express through fashion” . Rather than cardinal placement as the women’s industry is so competitory and to be successful M. A. C lipstick placement will present better consequences for the corporation.

As M. A. C lip rouge is non seen as the consumer as “best of its kind” through in-depth interviews.3. 2. 2 Emphatic benefit: Instinctual. archetypal.

emotional or rational The benefit to be emphasized as the cardinal benefit of M. A. C lip rouge is the big scope of colorss to choose from. This is emphasized as an both a functional benefit and emotional benefit proposition and uses type 2 of emotion. As M. A.

C lipstick uses the strong entreaty of being stylish and sexy with a big scope of colorss to take from as a transformational positive stoping actuating emotion as grounds by the in-depth interviews.3. 2. 3 Entry-tickets benefitsThe benefits what the consumer expects for M. A.

C is to hold a big scope of coloring material for being a lipstick merchandise class. However the consumers of M. A. C lip rouge are told that M.

A. C lip rouge have the biggest scope of colorss through the professional make-up creative person as employees through the M. A. C societal web ( chirrup. Facebook ) It was concluded that M. A. C lip color scope is the cardinal benefit that make M.

A. C should concentrate on advancing to the mark consumer as it is the stopping points to the “ideal trade name in that benefit when comparing 5 other trade names. M.

A. C clear bringing of the scope of lip colorss and their uniqueness set them apart from other trade name.4.

0 Positioning Statement & A ; Target audience4. 1 Positioning statement Determine the placement statement for M. A. C from the TCB and IDU analysis the findings from the trade name analysis are the undermentioned ; The rivals of M. A. C are non merely the leaders in women’s cosmetics lipstick but range from all companies that have a interest in the cosmetics industry. A perceptual map was devised from the in-depth interviews for an easy diagram showed all the rivals.

( Appendix ) These are all the rivals that must be taken into consideration when developing the placement statement.Using the Rossiter-Percy-Bellman Grid it is set up that the merchandise is acceptable in the low engagement. transformational sector this was further confirmed with the in-depth interviews. The property that were of import to the consumers when measuring the merchandise of women’s lipstick these were discovered as ; stylish. sexy.

scope of colorss. smoothness. remaining power and hydration these where so rank or bringing and singularity by the top 5 chief rivals and no-brand as all the other rivals see appendix B and C.Based on the IDU analysis and consumer research see appendix A. B & A ; C it was determined how each rival is positioned in the vision of the consumer. The top two chief rivals of M. A. C were to be considered as Chanel and Bobbi Brown based on both higher terminal pricing and a big coloring material option palette and are to be see the leaders in the women’s cosmetics: – lip rouge industry.

So M. A. C needs to offer the consumer something really alone in the placement statement to hold trade name distinction to increase and keep the mark market.The assorted factors that distinguish the M. A.

C consumer and their life style. their purchase motives and their different properties that are of import to them were concluded from the research ( Appendix A ) . The aligning statement: – M. A. C is the women’s decorative trade name that provides consumers lipstick to adult females who are 18-30 and belongs to the socioeconomic category of middle-high ( T ) .

M. A. C lipstick satisfies the demand of self-expression in every adult females to be manner frontward and be accepted in the M. A. C civilization ( C ) M.

A. C’s benefit purpose is to hold the largest choice of lip colorss. the most manner frontward of its sort in the industry and be artistic and originative for all adult females. ( B ) M. A. C needs to invariably work on their placement statement to increase their trade name market portion via T-C-B & A ; I-D-U trade name analysis by making this the company can ever increase the sensed bringing of the M.

A. C lip rouge.4. 2 Target audienceThe mark audience should be loosely described as 18-35 female in the middle-high societal economic category. These are the follow sections that M. A. C is enter in with their distinction selling. M.

A. C divides the market of their lipstick merchandise into demographic cleavage being female and a specific age group because over 90 % of their users belong in this specific class. However the merchandise is non limited to this demographic cleavage. M.

A. C moreover divides the market on the footing of personality being manner frontward. artistic and originative which is a signifier of psychographic cleavage.The purchasing state of affairss in which mark market purchase M. A. C lip rouge ( that were discovered form in-depth interviews ) where ; outlets both direct through online shopping and in-store section shop ( David Jones ) . benefits sought as in the big coloring material scope M.

A. C merchandise provides. . The consumers of M. A.

C lip rouge are trade name loyals. nevertheless they can be routinized favorable trade name whippers every bit good this is due to the placement of M. A. C lip rouge in the Rossiter-Percy-Bellman grid.