Making College Tuition Cheaper Essay

The rapidly rising cost of higher education faced by all high school students, is making us think twice before deciding our education goals beyond high school. I feel that education is a choice to be made, and should therefore be affordable for everyone who is willing to put forth their time and energy to accomplish his goal. The decision to pursue a college degree hits low income families the most, its hard enough to reach ends meet, and then adding the burden of higher tuition rates makes their situation worse.A college degree will allow a person to earn more money, but it is only fair to be realistic. At the current tuition rates, not many people can afford this ‘luxury’. Statistics show that institutions have raised their tuition fees thirteen percent in the past eight years. Thirteen percent is a high tuition rate, especially for a low income family.

Through this drastic raise in tuition, the state is shown to be making a hundred and seven percent income increases. (Losing Ground, V9).I also understand that keeping up a good economy is necessary for a sturdy and quite large nation, but raising the tuition costs for higher education doesn’t seem to cut it.

It makes students decide not to further their education, and in the end make wrong decisions. Many students are discouraged when it comes to pursuing a college degree, out of mere fear of the high costs. I feel that the higher the tuition fees become, the less number of college graduates America will have.As a high school senior, I am looking forward to pursuing my career, but I also do not want to put any pressure on my parents regarding tuition rates. It scares us even just thinking about it. There are more middle class families than there are above average families.

This difference should make the government realize that it is just not fair for us to have to pay so much money for a degree. I am aware that it is an honor and privilege to hold such a degree from college, but if it was just more affordable, I assure you that America would be extremely proud of the graduating seniors, because there would be a lot more!