Making Waves in Rural Kenya Essay

Herrmann and his colleagues want to develope a marketing campaign that will ensure that the community of Chebinie community adopt the use of locally made water harvester. the reason for the campaign for the water harvester is to improve the overall living standards of the people of Chebine. This marketing campaign should be one that can be executeed within the limited time frame, given the fact that Herrman and his collegues have a very short time to stay in the area.

Also Chebinie is a rural community, this marketing campaign ought to focus on the traditional marketing channels on ground, which is the cell phones and the Mommanet. The marketing campaign also has to put into consideration the ability of the people to afford the product and their willingness to spend their limited resources on purchasing the product. , becthe cultural interaction strain between men and women in the community and the effect of the product on the social life of the people, especially the women. recommend that hermann and his collgeues with the limited time that they have should focus firstly on creating a market for the water harvester, raising awareness and sensitising the people of Chebinie on the importance of clean water for the community. From the case it is stated that the people valued their money more than their health and time, therefore in other to change that, hermann and his collgues should focus on an all-encompassing awareness to clean water campaign that will then create a market for the product. his they can do through series of meetings with the board of elders and hence the men first, because despite the fact that the women do most of the domestic duties and run the home. the men are the authority figure in the homes and hence are the one who will decide whether or not to actually release the limited ffunds they have to purchae the water harvester. Also by organising a meeting for the women through the mommanet, the women can be sensitised so that they become aware of the danger that they have been exposing themselves to and the importance of their health and time, which they can put into more productive use.

Hermann and his collgues should also let the women know that they can always go to the river as they usually do in the evenings to was their clothes, and still have time to chat and gossip. Through the schools, the children and young adults will also be aware of the importance of clean water for their health and growth too. Secondly, having achieved the first stage, hermann and his collgues should focus the rest of their time in training the men to design and be able to install the water harvester in their homes.

This should be esay to do given the fact that as stated in the case, the community people were highly involved in their development and are quick to catch on to new ideas. Also, while the women busy themselves with domestic work, the men who are said to be most of the time wandering around, drinking and sitting in small groups, should with the influence and persuasion of the Chief, get involved with the process and actually learn to make the water harvester for themselves. This way they are able to get busy andearn extra money for their family.