Malaysian Delicacies vs Western Delicacies Essay

Malaysia Delicacies versus Western Delicacies Talking about the delicacies of the easterner and the westerner, we can see a very huge difference either in the way of the food is being served, the ingredients and especially it taste! We had already know that Malaysian food is famous for its spicy flavour. With coconut milk, curries and chillies as predominant ingredients, together with abundant spices, this delicious tropical cuisine offers impressively charming style and taste. Added with our multi racial menus, Malaysia brings you the heaven of taste bud lifting!Western cuisine however are also equally impressive. If Malaysian cuisine is said to be builded from the Malay, Chinese and Indian culture, then the culinary culture of Europe is a combination of various European country cuisines like French, British, Greek, German, some parts of Russian and a few non-indigenous gastronomies of Australasia, Latin America and North America. Cheese, pasta and sauces, oregano and lemons. Just by hearing those ingredients has already make us visualizing the undeniably delicious taste of speggathies, Italiano pizza and steaks!Rice is a staple part of the diet of virtually every Malaysian, to the extent that in each of the major languages in Malaysia, rice means food and food means rice.

It can be said, that in every major mealtime, Malaysian would choose rice to be included in their menu. Yes! Rice will be taken with various kind of dishes as accompaniment. For example, during breakfast, Malaysian usually had Nasi Lemak which present with gravy blended chilies sauce, boiled egg, fried peanuts and anchovies.Those dishes that actually lifts up the taste of the rice.

Without dishes, rice is incomplete. As for westener, wheat-flour bread has long been the most common sources of starch in their staple food, along with pasta, dumplings and pastries, although the potato has become a major starch plant in the diet of Europeans and their diaspora since the European colonisation of the Americas. Maize is much less common in most European diets than it is in the Americas. Usually, these starch sources are eaten with amazingly delicious soups or steaks.

No matter what is the source and from where it rise, they still share the same equal nutritional content that act as energy booster for the people who comsumes it. Herbs and spices were used long long time ago, even before there were records of them in written documents. They are common in most foods around the world today. Herbs and spices have many different uses and are important in food flavorings.

Interestingly, each different part in this world has their own herbs and spices as they grew in the soil which is right for them to grow.Malaysian most famous herbs and spices are the chillies, tumeric and lemon grass. This spices are used wholly by Malaysian in food preparing no matter from what races they are.

For example, the Malay uses these herbs and spices in making Rendang. The chinese also uses these spices and herbs in making dumplings and tofu skewers and for the Indian, their proudly extraordinary curry! On the west side, there are lots and lots of other spices and herbs that are hardly to be found in Malaysia such as the saffron, vanilla and mustard.As we all know, this spices and herbs has contribute so much in coloring the world of food industry.

Lets take vanilla for example. Vanilla, is too far too famous than any other herbs that has successfully make many of the people around the world to feel the happiness of tasting it. Vanilla ice cream is not a deniable creation! The weather condition and soil structure actually effect the types of herbs and spices that grow in our country.

We always thought that the westerner herbs and spices are more special and tastier. But hey, the grass is always look greener on the other side remember?Our spices and herb are no less then theirs. Malaysia is famous with hot yet yummy dishes. The traditional culinary style of Malay food has been greatly influenced by the long ago traders from neighboring countries, such as Indonesia, India, the Middle East and China. Malay food is often described as spicy and flavorful as it utilizes a melting pot of spices and herbs. So do Indian cuisine. Spices are the heart and soul of Indian cooking. But the quantity and proportions vary with the geographical boundaries.

Curry powder is almost never not be used.Spices are freshly grounded and added in many different combinations. But as for chinese, there a slightly different taste in their food.

They usually did not take too much spicy dishes. When people in the west speak of Chinese food, they probably mean Cantonese food. Cantonese food is noted for the variety and the freshness of it’s ingredients. The food are usually stir-fried with just a touch of oil to ensure that the result is crisp and fresh. All those best known ‘western Chinese’ dishes fit into this category which are sweet and sour dishes, won ton, chow mein, spring rolls.That is how I describe the taste of Malaysian food. Full of amazingly indescribable divine taste! Undefeatable, wastern cuisine also has their own unique taste of dishes.

Western foods are famous with their milky and juicy taste. Unlike Malaysian, they uses lots fresh milk for soups rather than coconut milk. Hence, the creamy milky taste are excited in every dishes cooked. The hottness of the dishes are also incomparable as ours because the spice they use, usually paprika are not as spicy as dried chillies that we use in our cooking.

Here we can see a very huge difference in the food taste. This is actually not something strange, different culture has different sense of taste. Each continental do have their own special dish that maybe favour by the whole world or just among themselves. Unique taste of foods are depend on the ingredients used and the cook itself. No matter what, each of them has their own speciality, whether it’s easter n or western. The most important is, we know how to control our food consuming according to the right diet plan and to enjoy the pleasure of every taste!