Skills to the sport wrong Essay

To help improve standards we are going to introduce the following procedures. Registration Of children to coaching sessions We are currently allowing children to come in on the day and join in our coaching sessions telling us their parents will come in and sign our ocuments in the future but we never seem to meet these parents this is something we cannot allow to happen due to the risks.

Children cannot be allowed to just join in as we do not know of anyone previous injuries or current ones and Because we have not been told of any illnesses they may have for example you may not know a child suffers from fits therefore being unable to realise the symptoms to this there fore allowing the fit to happen this will also affect us as we will have no contact number to call and alert the parents/guardians that the child is going to hospital or is ill. This is how we are going to improve things around here first by creating registration forms with questions the parents will need to fill in about their children.

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Then creating a contact book in which the parents will fill out details allowing us to contact them about issues involving their child. To allow to know which chldren have had this done we will give them wrist bands to wear every session and will also have there parents sign them in and out in the waiting room. Late arrival At the moment we are allowing anyone to turn up at any time and just join in ith the coaching session whether we know them or whether it their first time.

Some children have been missing warm ups because of being late not stretching and just joining straight in this puts them at automatic risk of injury. Allowing them to join in late not only puts the club at risk of a bad reputation for kids being injured and mistreated but also puts the children them selves at huge risk of pulling muscles and they may have missed the coaching objective so will join in and be using the wrong technique and learn the skills to the sport wrong.

Not children will be allowed to join in if they are ver 10 minutes late if they miss the warm up on of your assistants will take them for a warm up and get them ready for the sport correctly we will be setting times for the classes to improve the time keeping of the club and will be sending reminders to the parents through text weekly of the time of their Childs club to help improve attendance and punctuation. Ifthe have missed how to do the skill for that particular coaching session you will take them to one side tell them the objective and correct way to perform the skill.

This will reduce risk of injury in our club. Timekeeping in sessions We have been over running by extraordinary amounts of time and finishing some of our sessions far to early this affects us either way whether its to early or late either way the parents are either waiting around for their children and just last week we ran over by 45 minutes so all them parents waiting for their children had to wait around this cannot happen as they may have things and places to be.

Early finishes affect us still due to the children standing out side in the rain waiting for the parents to pick them up for 30 minutes how do you hink this looks on our centre if we leave children outside due to classes finishing a lot earlier than they should.