Management Accounting Of Premier Foods Accounting Essay

Premier nutrients are a British nutrient company which has central offices in St Albans, Hertfordshire. It is a member on the London Stock Exchange and component of FTSE 250.

Their primary three divisions are:

Grocery- It comprises of the shelf stable food market merchandises.

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Chilled – It has following merchandises chilled and frozen meat-free merchandises and retail merchant branded chilled ready repast and bar concerns.

Hovis- It comprises of cloaked staff of life, forenoon goods, majority and bagged flour.

It manufactures nutrient trade names which anvils, Mr Kipling bars, Bisto gravy, Sharwood ‘s Asiatic nutrients, Batchelors soups, Hovis staff of life, Loyd Grossman sauces, , Quorn meat free merchandises, Ambrosia custard and rice pudding, Branston pickle and Hartley ‘s jams, marmaladesA and gelatins etc.

Premier Food ‘s cardinal rivals are Associated British Foods, Unilever, Northern Foods, Green nucleus, Interlink and Warburton ‘s. Despite its selling successes, returns in Premier ‘s bakeshop division remained low, while competition from Warburton ‘s and Allied Bakeries remained intense.

Premier Foods is the UK ‘s largest provider of food market goods. Their concern theoretical account is to use this graduated table for competitory advantage. It uses this graduated table to cut down costs and working capital by securing more efficaciously. Their focal point on the UK and presence in a wide scope of classs gives it a deep penetration into consumer tendencies in British nutrient section. This insight enables company to work closely with clients as their chosen class development spouses across precedence markets.

Strengths of Premier Foods

It is UK ‘s largest branded ambient food market maker

A taking provider of chilled nutrient merchandises

A strategic focal point on the UK and on turning their trade names

It is known for UK ‘s largest staff of life baker and flour Miller.

II Review of direction accounting

Concept of Management Accounting

Business must maintain record of day-to twenty-four hours events so that it can cognize its place clearly in the overall competition. The systematic record of these day-to-day events of a concern leads to finish a fiscal image which is known as accounting.

Management Accounting can be defined to be a tool that helps to add value to an organisation. Its ultimate purpose is to efficaciously utilize all the company ‘s resources through people direction which is done in an of all time changing and competitory environment. The value add-on is through effectual resource mobilisation and use by people and to make the coveted value for the clients. A Management comptroller has a function to play to the consequence of the procedure of development through the life rhythm phases. This activity is undertaken to strategically apportion and use resources for the maximal return for the organisation. ( IFAC, 1998 ) .

Purpose of Management Accounting:

It is used for apprehension of cost behaviour and is cardinal to managerial accounting.

It is used to assist the direction to supply operating statements and short-run fiscal statements.

To ease budget procedure covering all maps of a concern.

Fiscal accounting, Cost accounting and Budgeting and prediction are within the range of the Management Accounting.

It focuses on way scene, structuring, control, and alteration.

To supply informations analysis, coverage, organizing and determination devising on direction.

Key Techniques: The key techniques include Cost Management, Value Management, Performance Management and Budgetary Control and Financial Plans. Abdel-Kader, M. and Luther, R. ( 2006 )

III. Essential Techniques

Costing systems

One of Premier Food ‘s moves was seting a right system in topographic point. It is UK ‘s largest provider of ambient food market goods. This concern theoretical account is used to use for competitory advantage to cut down costs and working capital by securing more efficaciously. The Group by and large expects the effects of input cost alterations and ensuing pricing alterations to even out over the long term. However, there can be a hold, or lurch, between input costs altering and pricing in the market altering to reflect them Bescos P and Mendoza, C ( 2000 ) .

Premier has a centralized procurance map with a planetary sourcing scheme. The Group purchases a batch of natural stuffs each twelvemonth. In recent old ages at that place has been a major addition in the cost of natural stuffs and other input costs such as public-service corporations. Any hold in go throughing on additions in natural stuff costs to clients or to beginning natural stuffs of an acceptable type or quality adversely affect the consequences of the Group.

It was seen that the company followed a system of Variable bing instead than the Absorption Costing because of the nature of its concern. Costing of quality factor was besides taken into consideration since nutrient industry topographic point a batch of importance to it. Premier Foods


Budgeting is an of import technique for planning and commanding the activities of an organisation. Budgeting is used for planning and for commanding costs. The company uses Flexible Budgeting system more than the fixed system. The Company can travel for ‘What if ‘ Analysis from clip to clip for better budgeting. Cropper P. and Drury C. ( 1996 )

Cash flow prognosiss are prepared every one-fourth as portion of the Group ‘s overall budgeting. Forecasting public presentation is monitored against this each month. We recommend the company to utilize activity based budgeting ( ABB ) .Budgeting is more of import than bing and formed of import portion of the long term strategic planning.

Performance rating

Coverage of public presentation rating of concern units is of import for Management accounting. It is most critical and disputing for concern. Customer satisfaction, labour efficiency or inventions are some of the Qualitative factors should be taken into consideration other than the factors like fiscal ratios, ROI, net income, costs, discrepancy analysis.

More late “ Economic Value Added ” ( EVA ) is deriving popularity among the direction. It can be defined as adjusted runing income subtraction a capital charge, and implies that a director ‘s action merely adds economic value when the ensuing net incomes exceed the incremental cost of capital. Kinney, M. and Wempe, W. ( 2002 )

Balance Scorecard is another step going really popular developed by Kaplan and Norton. It looks at four positions fiscal, customer-related, internal concern procedures, and larning and growing.

Financial and non fiscal steps are both of import. Though fiscal steps is more popular we recommend that non fiscal steps should be tan into consideration for direction accounting intent.

The effects of recession and fiscal crisis dominated the public presentation of Premier Foods in UK in 2009.Uncertainity prevailed as sing consumer displacement from branded merchandises to ain label. The company in 2009 made a singular degree of net incomes. This activity helped beef up the financials, helped to cut down the debt load of the company, net incomes rose and a positive hard currency flow was seen in the company. Most significantly, it improved the public presentation of all cardinal trade names in a extremely competitory market place. Mendoza, C. and Bescos, P. ( 2001 )

The Five Star Environmental Award programme ( FSEAP ) provides the model through which environmental public presentation betterment is encouraged, delivered and managed within Premier Foods.

Information for decision-making

Management accounting can supply a batch of information for determination devising for the direction. Management comptrollers can utilize tools like Cost Volume net income Analysis, Customer and Product Profitability Analysis for determination devising for short and long footings. Other factors like NPV, IRR, dismissing hard currency flows and payback period are used for measuring different concern and determination devising sing undertakings. Roslender, R. and Hart, S. ( 2003 )

We recommend utilizing modern techniques like Sensitivity Analysis, Computer Simulation, chance analysis and ‘what if ‘ for hazard analysis to the company for its different trade names.

Strategic analysis

Strategic Analysis should concentrate on both Internal and External environment. Generally external environment is ignored as more focal point is done on internal environment analysis. For illustration consequence of the Competitor ‘s action, determinations and cost constructions are of import for the current and future concern.

Food companies are, at present, more interested in conventional long-range planning and sidelong competitory analyses. There is strong competition between makers in the food market concern. The market is served by a figure of well-established companies that operate on both a national and international footing. Premier is the largest nutrient manufacturer in the UK. Their concern theoretical account is to utilize this graduated table to drive competitory advantage.The focal point on the UK and the scope of classs it operate in besides give them a deep penetration into consumer tendencies in nutrient. The graduated table allows the company to secure more efficaciously and the consolidation of their plus base helps to drive efficiency. Rudder, A. , Ainsworth, P. and Holgate, D. , ( 2001 )

Premier Food ‘s size and graduated table coupled with their focal point on the UK enable them to work with clients to supply consumers with more pick and convenience and to organize activity to drive. Their strength in dickering place gives them important purchase over their providers in footings of ordering pricing, merchandise specification and the degree of supplier engagement in promotional runs and offers. Long scope prediction will be really of import in future term planning.

IV. Strengths and failing of the analysis

From our analysis above we can state that budgeting, planning, public presentation rating is most of import for direction accounting patterns. Time is of the kernel so information demands to be procured in a timely mode and accurately so importance of communicating in direction procedure can non be ignored.

We have listed different techniques above. While some are new and some traditional some of the steps like Strategic direction analysis is deriving importance. For illustration merchandise life rhythm analysis is normally carried out by production specializers. Higher acceptance and importance of some strategically focused techniques such as Analysis of competitory place and Analysis of rivals ‘ strengths and failings, profitableness analysis, client satisfaction will play a major function in the Management accounting in the hereafter. Scapens, R. , Ezzamel, M. , Burns, J. and Baldvinsdottir, G. ( 2003 )

One of the things though ascertained is that traditional direction accounting is still really much nowadays in the nutrient sector and Premier nutrient follows such patterns. We expect that in the approaching hereafter it will be changed with more modern patterns and techniques as indicated above.

Finally, we observed that cost of quality and the analysis of rival strengths and failings are likely to go more widespread. These patterns reflect the increased competitory and regulative force per unit areas faced by organisations. Bhimani, A. ( 2002 )


We conclude that Premier nutrient is one of the largest nutrient trade names in the UK market the direction system is still non really developed and miss the modern direction accounting techniques and systems. It needs to accommodate to this steps rapidly to efficaciously pull off its big trade names. Management patterns of bing budgeting and good long term planning will do it last in the long tally and compete with the big nutrient industry in the UK.