Management Decision Essay

1. How is this decision emblematic of your job as a manager and your transition into that position?

As my main goal is to cut. I need to know what it’s the least impactful actions/results to my employees before making decisions.

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2. What do you think is the best way to break the news that some perks will have to be cut without causing undue alarm among your employees?

Begin by explaining that certain perks will be eliminated or reduced, and by giving the reasons why this is happening and how decisions are being made. Emphasize the good things that will remain.

3. How do you give employees a say in the process of deciding what gets cut? How much of a say do they get? What kind of employee feedback would be most helpful to you in making a decision?

After given the news, there would be a survey for people to express themselves, to get an idea of what perks are more important to employees. What will impact them the most?, What will cause dissatisfaction?, among other things. Once we have a good idea of the company’s needs, and the employees feelings, we can start working on making decisiones considering the survey results, but at the end we need to come up with ideas/results that will benefit the company as well as the employees.

4. What cuts would you make? Would you replace some perks with less-expensive perks? Would you restructure the perks system to link some to performance? Come up with a new (hypothetical) perks package for your employees. Explain your decisions.

Create a new perk structure based on employee’s performance, and look for ways of cutting perk’s costs. For example: If we sell the beach house, we would rent another house on the beach, for the top performing employees. By doing this we will be cutting fixed costs (maintance, taxes, etc) for owning a house; and at the same time we will be promoting better performance.

If we take away lunch, we could do a BBQ each trimester, to integrate the employees, and everyone can participate in the process.