Management Skill Set Assessment Essay

Management Skill Set Assessment While taking this Management Skill Set Assessment I found six areas to be non-applicable to my current area of training. My manager agreed that those areas were not-applicable but he had a few other areas that he found to be not applicable. The other areas that he identified were shocking to me because I thought they were very important in my daily duties.

These shocking areas included planning, prioritizing and organizing task and activities, time management, self and team.He dismissed this one because of the word team, but I on the other hand felt it is important because there is always a project that pops up on top of my daily duties that I have to prioritize. Another area that he said was not-applicable was the administration, financial/performance reporting, monitoring, maintaining and developing reporting systems. He said no to this because it states developing reporting system. At times we do not know our own strenghts.I was able to identify what others saw as a strenght of mines—that I thought I needed improvement in that area. There were some shocking areas that I thought I was good in but I obviously was not. This Management Skill Set Assessment gave me a chance to improve my skills and to compare my personal goals with those of my boss.

I would agree that this is a helpful tool. It was almost like an evaluation for appriasials or awards. I completely enjoyed doing this project.