Management Structure Essay

Westwood College Questions Police Criminal Courts Correctional Agencies Question 1 Gatekeepers to the criminal justice system. Enforcing laws and providing services like counseling. Presenting evidence and hearing cases. “Provide impartiality to those accused of committing criminal offenses. “- Allen & Shawnee (2010). End Result.

Not as structured as court or police more so a bevel of different care and treatments but a highly structured chain of command. Question 2 Enforce the laws and decides who does and doesn’t go to jail. Determines who is charged with the actual crime and is open to hear both sides of the case. Provides treatment to the accused offenders. Question 3 Enforce laws, responds to phone calls, make traffic stops, arrest, etc Hear cases, provide impartiality, present evidence, and determine sentencing and bail.

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Offers treatment programs, hands-off supervision. Question 4 Operating in the appropriate manner and following the code of ethics. Clerk, Chief Judge, administrator, general appeal, and the circuit court. Enhancing information, community engagement, and collaboration for the most part. Nurse, clinical therapist, correctional officer, deputy, warden, counselor, and analyst.