Unpredictable and complex competitive environment Essay

These external factors are economic change, technological changes, customers’ tastes and many others.

So that, companies have to adapt its strategy with effectiveness and efficiency in order to guarantee it. In the light of globalization and modern business, the companies are exposed to the challenges posted by unpredictable and complex competitive environment. Daniel Client, (2011).

One of the key strategies of companies is the management. Management is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing leading and controlling organizational resources.R. L. Daft, Dorothy Marcia (2011 ). The globalizes business environment is characterized by changed business conditions, market liberalizing, high production, information and communication technology, flexible organizational structure of companies and partnership development. In such an environment, the competition among companies is sharpened in the market Novice, Client, (2008). The companies are forced to innovate and develop new techniques for improving the quality and functionality of products, reduce costs but there almost at the same level of supply and cost production.

One element of differentiation to make a business successful is to have a good management. It will make the business run fast and easily. It will ensure that each individual in the business knows what to do effectively to make the business reach its goals. The role of manager is often use in today job position but still difficult to explain. The goal of this report is to describe the complexity of manager ‘role and its interdependency among groups and individuals at Atlantic Bank.

Banquet Atlantic Background Atlantic Bank Cote d’ Ivory (Banquet Atlantic Cote divorce) (ABACI) is the second bank on the ovarian market after Societies General. One of its key success factors is its proximity to all categories of the population and also due to the number of agencies (approximately 77 agencies) all around the country. Because of its agencies often crowed of people, ABACI has created a VII agency for all high-income customers for a particular service. The VII agency is at 1 lath floor of a huge building at the affair center place.This agency is composed of two account officers, one cashier and the VII agency manager for a portfolio of 1500 clients (individuals and companies).

Manager’s job description Fernando Bonny is the office manager of this VII agency. She is responsible for establishing and maintaining general strategies to meet VII agency objectives; to get the information and feedback from all aspects and to make decisions and strategies are the core goals of her function. Especially, her responsibilities involve the following: Daily, she has to maintain the agency activities and supervise the staff.The office services activities includes: Open the agency entrance doors with the bank security protocol Open the safe room to transfer the money to the cashier office Design and implement agency policies Established standards and procedures Organize agency financial and non-financial transactions Prepare the agency weekly performance report Follow the customer loans files Entertain correspondence with other agencies, headquarter and customers Coordinate actions of operations department Conduct survey to estimate clients satisfaction Update agency offers (products and services) Maintain office equipment Validate the cashier financial transactions Reply to customers and internal departments emails Revive the sleeping accounts and the ones under the minimum amount squired Close the cashier system by checking if the tangible money correspond to the one indicated on the system Control, distribute and reduce furniture wastage Increases efficiency Optimum use of resources ( loans and savings) Facilitates growth of portfolio accounts amount Minimize the closure demands and be reactive to customer complaint Prepare meetings with important customers Close the agency entrance doors with the bank security protocol Improves VII Agency image Afford internal meetings with the main directors The office staff supervision includes: Assign weekly and annual objectives to employees Orient and advice employees Correct non-productive actions Validate employee account transfer Evaluate staff performance Anticipate VII customers’ needs Schedule employee visit to customers Supervise service quality Distribute rewards to employees who deserve Control cash money movements Encourages innovation/ ideas and teamwork Improves life of employees defending their needs to HRS department Motivate employees Reduces staff absenteeism and turnover So according to Integer, the role of a manager is to plan, to organize, to lead and to control.

The purpose of its function is to lead to the company oils short-term and long-term goals.Manager should not only adapt his strategies to the unpredictable business environment but also manage people at Individual level and team level (diversity, knowledge, culture, ) to “extract” the best to achieve goals in effective and efficient way. The manager’s job, as the Fernando example, is complex, multidimensional and required a range of skills from the person in charge. A manager should have an educational background related to his function. He should also have years’ experience in banking and be skilled.

The last criteria is one of the most important because it what makes the difference between a manager and a good manager. A good manager should have communication skills to receive/transfer information. Indeed, he has a middleman role because he represents employees in front Of board Of directors and the vice versa. He should have negotiation skills, be creative and innovative.He should also have a decision making skills like good, objective and transparent judgments. Knowing that his job is to deal with people, he has to be extrovert to better communicate and introvert to inspire respect. He also needs to understand and manage cultural differences.

Finally, a good manager behavior and actions should be multipurpose oriented and on a super skills base (conceptual, human and technical skills) Integer (1990). Because organizations and business environment keeps changing and he should respond with effectively and efficiency. But to do so, manager has to interact with individuals and/or groups of individuals inside and outside the company. Who are they?Other insiders and/or outsiders important to the job and Nature of Interdependency In our example, the insiders are: Treasury service officers.

They are responsible of the distribution of cash and he amount of currency available for all agencies. They control the cash flow out and cash flow in. Service abroad manager. They are responsible of international money transfer. They verify the amount legally authorized and check the supporting documents. Risk department officers and director. Officers treat the loan files and give approval or reject according to client risk coefficient.

The director approves or rejects the loan demand. Courier service agent.The courier agent is responsible to collect and distribute the mails and correspondences between all insiders and outsiders of the bank. Operations officers validate all operations (checks, national transfers, and daily operations on customers’ accounts like deposits and withdrawals) The outsiders are: VII Clients are all the customers who have one or more accounts with a minimum deposit of 20 Euros.

They are the elite of the Ovarian society and require a special customer service and a good management of their money according to their title. Visiting VII clients, communicate with them are crucial for Mrs.. Fernando Bonny. One client non satisfied, who intend to close its accounts, means a loss of money in portfolio and a bad advertising of the agency, and even of the bank.The customers’ feedbacks always help to adjust the products, the service and also to better attract new clients.

Diagrammatic of interdependencies Insiders’ relationships: Outsiders’ relationship: Evaluation of the interdependencies There are three types of interdependencies. Loyalty J. M. Cited James D.

Thompson (2004): Pooled interdependence is the type of interdependence where each department or service unit complete functions by separate tasks. It is one the last and useless type of interdependency Sequential interdependence is the type of interdependence where one unit in the overall recess produces an output necessary for the performance by the next unit.Reciprocal Interdependence. In our bank case, it’s this method that is used among departments. Reciprocal interdependence is similar to sequential interdependence in that the output of one department becomes the input of another, but additionally to be bilateral. In this model, departments are at their highest intensity of interaction. Reciprocal models are the most complex and difficult to manage–the Business Intelligence website notes that unit can change the rules and affect everyone else at any time. Knowing that in banks agents, officers, managers and directors have to be proactive, maintain confidentiality and at the same time share information.

The reciprocal interdependence method is the best for a bank agency because it allows better results and avoids waste of time. And one mistake from one department doesn’t mean all output errors. The interdependencies exist between the crucial groups from both inside and outside are reciprocal interdependence. Under reciprocal interdependence, every part needs to communicate and interface closely with each other. Mrs..

Bonny is also satisfy y this work strategy because it allow her to control, update, modify, and implement many customers’ demands and issues at the same time knowing that the departments are not interrelated. Concerning outsiders (VII Customers), it is true that the interdependency is reciprocal but is according by the following percentage. 0 percent work from Ms. Fernando to her customers and 10 percent from customers to her. VII clients require, she executes and perform beyond customers’ expectations to make them satisfy and create loyalty and confidence.

Recommendations Follow the management process and managerial skills are unavoidable to improve work effectiveness and efficiency. Integer (1994). Therefore, Ms.

Bonny Fernando should concentrate ethics, confidentially and anticipation skills. First of all, she needs to realize her own strengths and weaknesses. Listening to employees under her authorsĀ¶y’ and adopting their suggestions if useful are the good way to implement new strategies.Then, to be a model and not only the person who give orders is another way to get good performance from employees. To do little meetings often to talk about some issues and do brainstorming of solutions can help. A good teamwork environment and a good mental condition not only determine the efficiency of work, but also stimulate creativity of employees.

Finally, delegation is a sign of trust and faith in team working. To allow subordinates to improve, it is necessary to use an empowering leadership style. Conclusion For a manager, the responsibility is the attainment of organization goals. The job is that putting the resources in the management process and achieving the performance.Even more changes and challenges are on the horizon for organizations and managers. It’s an exciting time to enter the field of management.

Daft (2009) To be a manager is really complex so to do the difference and make the company attain their goal and allows the company to create its competitive advantage, a manager have to be successful. Manager has to understand people and has communication skills like to be friendly, transparent and at the same time create admiration, respect and confidence from employees. A manager to be successful also has to be innovative, should encourage change and quickly adapt to external changes. The last success key is to master cultural differences.