Managerial Comm Essay

Through body language, the easing agent can read whether or not a person is serious and committed to the transaction. Furthermore, the first impression is very important because it sets the tone for the transaction. In urban neighborhoods, it is imperative to have cultural awareness to reduce the chances of offending clients. Negotiations and conflicts are dealt in a manner that results in unhappy tenants. Meetings are held weekly and at times daily. Although understanding people’s body language in this industry is extremely important, this practice is not given the proper attention within the company culture.

When leasing stores in urban neighborhoods, there are clients of all different ethnicities. There are some employees that are not aware of cultural norms. This company is not flexible when negotiating, for instance, they add unexpected charges to the tenants after the lease has been signed. This creates conflict between the tenants and leasing agents. These conflicts are not resolved in a timely manner resulting in unhappy tenants. Meetings are held weekly and sometimes daily. This can at times interfere with production and meeting monthly quotas.

The company can educate the employees on the importance of reading body language through varies avenues. Body language is important for the company Urban Life Properties, LLC, as a real estate company the employees are in constant communication with clients. When a client choices a commercial property to lease, this property has a great influence on the future of their company or business. As a result, it important that real estate agent is aware of the client’s body language when completing a transaction. The company can educate the employees on body language through role playing during the Taft meetings.

The company can also use movies that illustrate the importance of reading body language. Also, the company can setup different scenarios during the work day to test the employees on their skills of reading body language. Cultural awareness is important in this industry, ten rules that employees can follow to demonstrate cultural competence are: 1 . Allowing the client to greet first instead of making the first move. 2. Watch the client’s posture when they are approached. 3. The clients clothing can give an idea of their level of conservative. Location of the interaction. 5. Time of the interaction. 6. Attend to client’s eye contact. 7. Maintain appropriate personal space. 8. Depending on accent of client refrain from using jargon’s or difficult words. 9. Do not judge clients based on their culture. 10. Frame from treating clients negative or positive based on culture. Negotiating is an important part of aspect of a real estate transaction, ten rules that the company can share with the employees about effective negotiating are: 1. Be patient when talking to clients. 2.

Refrain from using difficult language. 3. Give clients time to respond to offers. 4. Anticipate changes in the deal. 5. Always look clients in their eyes. 6. Understand the human psychology. 7. Be aware of vocal tone. 8. Don’t be the first person to offer a number. 9. Be stern and confident when presenting. 10. Consult colleagues if necessary. Meetings are held daily and weekly, they take time away from production other avenues used to rely information effectively without taking away much time from the employees are through the use of mobile technology.

The employers can use email, text messages and phone calls to relay information to employees without taking away significant time room from productivity. Meetings in person can be a waste of time unless there is meaning behind it. By using mobile technology to get the information out can be just as effective and allow for the leasing team to be more efficient with completing their monthly obligations. Recommendations that can assist urban Life Properties, LLC in being more efficient and productive are to increase staff training on cultural awareness, body language, and negotiation.