Managing knowledge Worker: Discussion Question Essay

Managing knowledge Worker: Discussion Question

Knowledge, intellectual capital, skill and the ability to relate the knowledge acquired is the key task required to generate a pool of intellectual knowledge reservoir which forms the fuel for expansion and growth of global competitiveness. There is a link between people management and the performance of businesses which every manager needs to understand because despite the fact that knowledge workers are provided with all the benefits and resources needed for their job enhancement and job enrichment which include the tools, support from mangers, leadership and motivation from superiors. The analyses that should be drawn here is how does this help a knowledge worker to perform efficiently and effectively.

            Superior Human Resource Management practices involving their security levels at work, method of hiring, team management which is self-managed, greater compensation subject on performance, training and developmental exposure, decrease in the status differentiating factor and sharing information and knowledge transparency are all actively involved in making the business performances advance. But the key factor here is all of the best fit approaches may not be applicable to every organization as there would be the culture or technology or management style or the practices in work atmosphere that could restrict them to manage their task productively. The HRM practices will in turn make the employees committed, flexible and will demand quality task which is associated with higher levels of productivity, followed by better performance of goods and services which finally will bring higher financial capital gains.

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            Although the motivating factors are huge, managers needs to try and satisfy the knowledge workers as informal communication between the organization and personal issues and demand for higher benefits may probe to be a challenge for the management as the knowledge workers would always relate their better performance due to the intellectual knowledge capital which they poses.


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