Managing People, Information and Knowledge: Fridgecom Essay

Fridgecom creates universe category infrigidation systems for specialised intents. The company was originally established in 1956 under the original name of “ Wilson Refrigeration Ltd ”. Wilson has subdivisions and workss all over the universe including Nottingham, UK. Fridgecom merchandises are manufactured at one of the most advanced workss in the universe. Fridgecom has been market friendly and has understood the demands of the consumers really good.

Fridgecom ‘s departmental is structured so as to hold nine sections. The chief sections include Histories, Human Resource, Info. Systems, Gross saless, Production R & A ; D, Stores and Logistics, Engineering, Managing managers office. All the sections have different functions to play and are interconnected to guarantee smooth operation and proper behavior of the concern on the whole in order to maximise productiveness and pecuniary returns along with a encouragement to the repute.

However there have been a twosome of abnormalities with regard to the direction of the employees within the organisation. There have been studies of the work force altering quickly and the direction unable to get by with the force per unit area as the grounds for their absenteeism seems unrecognised. Furthermore even the staff turnover seemed to be high. The instance here negotiations about the jobs that arose due to this and besides provides an shred of thought as to what the solutions might be like.

1: Exploitation specific illustrations drawn from the instance survey critically discuss different manners of leading and possible behavioural responses.

1.1 The construct of Leadership:

“ Leadership may be considered as the procedure ( act ) of act uponing the activities of a group in its attempts towards end scene and end accomplishment ”. ( Stodgill, 1950 ) Leadership consists of many facets particular to each person in a place to make their ain manner in conformity with theory and personal traits, such as emotional intelligence. The construct map shows how all the parts work together in the organisation to carry through ends. The followings are an of import facet because without them, there would non be leading. The personal relationships built aid make a stable base on which the leading can boom. This construct map is one illustration of leading by an single with many fluctuations possible. Leadership is diverse and individualised.

Figure 1 Leadership manners and qualities

There are many ways of looking at Leadership and many readings of its significance. Leadership possibly interpreted in simple footings, such as ‘getting others to follow ‘ or ‘getting people to make things volitionally ‘, or interpreted more specifically, for illustration as ‘the usage of authorization in determination devising ‘. Leadership can besides be discussed in footings of a signifier of persuasion or power relationship. Good leaders develop through a ne’er stoping procedure of self-study, instruction, preparation, and experience ( Jago, 1982 ). Leadership is a procedure by which a individual influences others to carry through an nonsubjective and directs the organisation in a manner that makes it more cohesive and coherent. This definition is similar to Northouse ‘s ( 2007, p3 ) definition – Leadership is a procedure whereby an single influences a group of persons to accomplish a common end.

Leaderships carry out this procedure by using their leading cognition and accomplishments. This is called Process Leadership ( Jago, 1982 ). However, we know that we have traits that can act upon our actions. This is called Trait Leadership ( Jago, 1982 ), in that it was one time common to believe that leaders were born instead than made. These two leading types are shown in the chart below ( Northouse, 2007, p5 ) :


Attention to leading as a behavioural class has drawn attending to the importance of leading manner. In the work state of affairs it has become progressively clear that directors can no longer rely on the usage of their place in the hierarchal construction as a agency of exerting the maps of leading. In order to acquire the best consequences from the subsidiaries the director must besides hold respect for the demand to promote high morale, a spirit of engagement and co-operation, and a willingness to work. Leadership manner is the manner in which the maps of leading are carried out, the manner in which the director typically behaves towards members of the group. ( Mullins, 2010 ).

There are many dimensions to leading and many possible ways of depicting leading manner, such as dictatorial, unitary, bureaucratic, benevolent, magnetic, advisory, participative and abdicatorial. The manner of managerial leading towards low-level staff and the focal point of power can hence be considered within a simplified treble header. ( Mullins, 2010 ).

Leaderships use different types of leading, and the manners may be described in assorted ways. Certain leading manners may be suited to certain state of affairss and most leaders choose from a assortment of attacks as they deal with different issues. Daniel goleman has described the undermentioned six different types of leading manners ; Coercive leaders -demand immediate conformity, Authoritative leaders – mobilize people towards a vision, Affiliative Leaders – create emotional bonds, Democratic Leaders – physique consensus, Pacesetting Leaderships – set high criterions and expect excellence. Coaching Leaders – develop people ( Longenecker et al, 2005 )

, Laissez-faire ( echt ) manner – It is where the director observes that members of the group are working good on their ain. The director consciously makes a determination to go through the focal point of the members, to let them freedom of action ‘to do as they think best ‘, and non to interfere ; but it readily available if aid is needed. There is frequently a confusion to be contrasted with the directors who could non care, who intentionally keeps off from the problem musca volitanss and does non desire to acquire involved. The directors merely allow the members of the group acquire on with the work in manus. Members are left to confront determinations that justly belong with the director. This is more a non-style of leading or it could possibly be labeled as stepping down. All different leaders have different attacks to cover with different people within the organisation and they adopt what suits best to them. ( Mullins, 2005 ).

1.2 The Current Scenario:

Mike Wilson being the MD of Fridgecom exercises good leading accomplishments and posses qualities fit adequate to get by with the internal personal businesss within the organisation. Mike Wilson is the 3rd coevals of his household to run and ain Fridgecom. He besides holds qualities of a partly receptive director who is prejudiced by unimportant facts and makes an attempt to pay more attending on such issues. In the paternalistic attack, all determination doing authorization resides with the alteration bureau. This peculiar attack to alter is possibly the most familiar and widely used throughout the universe. Its usage has been documented in all types of cultural groupings whose being is based on shared and strongly held beliefs ( eg. Religious and political groups ). Paternalism is a directing alteration attack in which all determination doing authorization remainders in the manus of the alteration bureau, which decides what is best or necessary for the focal group and assumes a arch attitude towards those it seeks to alter. ( Larry, 1996 ).

In any organisation construction formal relationships between members arise based on defined form of duties ( Mullins, 2010 ). Mike Wilson shows that he demonstrates the Laissez-faire manner of leading. He invariably delegates authorization to acquire his work done through his subsidiaries. However the instance survey here shows Mike as a follower of the Paternalistic manner of leadership.. Mike within the Fridgecom organisation a line relationship exists between Mike and his employees wherein authorization flows vertically down. As the pull offing manager he by and large delegates duties and purposes at retaining traditional signifier of working within the company. Harmonizing to Farh and Cheng paternalistic leading is defined as “ a manner that combines strong subject and authorization with fatherlike benevolence ” ( Pellegrini et al, 2008 ).

Sinha ( 1990 ) suggested that the coexistence of benevolence and authorization in paternalistic leading stems from values in traditional societies refering to the male parent figure, who is fostering, lovingness, and reliable but besides important, demanding, and a rigorous martinet. Thus it can be said that audience of the employees is kept at minimum degrees and the concluding call is by and large made by Mike himself. This signifier of leading shall posse a job in companies where the director of a peculiar section is immensely experienced in his field yet is non consulted for important determination devising.

Mike Wilson though took superior determinations but he deliberately kept off from debatable state of affairss. He was unable to happen out the likely ground behind changing forces and staff outputs. Since staff turnover has a qualified impact on the preparation of the employees, the organisation looses adequate hard currency in developing them, merely to subsequently happen out that the trained employees leave the organisation. This besides has an overall impact on the competency of the employees. Even though the senior most directors are sentient of the fact that this has a caused some reputational impact on the organisation, it is neglecting to acknowledge the grounds behind such impacts. Bing a leader, Mike Wilson should be good cognizant of what is go oning in his organisation. The fact that Veronica had to subject a presentation to edify about him shows that he had small cognition about what gravitation the job held. The point that Mike Wilson gave an ear to his employees ( Veronica ) shows that he had echt involvement in cognizing more about the ‘insides ‘ of the organisation. With orientation to the present province of personal businesss, Mike as the pull offing manager has considered the thought of presenting a new information system for the recuperation of the Human Resource section taking into consideration the thought put frontward by Veronica.

Veronica King the manager of the Human Resource section is accountable for major countries including enlisting and choice, assessment, payment and wages systems. The company is confronting highest degrees of labour output and therefore the strain is mounting on the shoulders of the Human Resource caput. The costs and clip involved in the registration and preparation of the new campaigners is turn outing extremely expensive for the organisation which has resulted in Veronica confronting complexnesss in relation to the forces section the clip since she arrived at the company. “ Where workers are involved in similar work, portion a common undertaking or face the same jobs this may help coherence ” ( Mullins, 2010 ).

Harmonizing to her co-workers, Veronica is unqualified of understanding the importance of an issue and will merely increase the trials of the company instead than making off with the same. Mentioning to Veronica ‘s co-workers, Terry the caput of the information systems section regards his section to be at the vertex of the organisation ‘s operation. He has extended cognition in the field of engineering and scheduling accomplishments and therefore conducts his responsibilities expeditiously. However, the chief failing in relation to Terry as a member of the company is his hapless communicating accomplishments. Whilst Veronica has succeeded in winning Mike ‘s assurance, Terry has been unable to set forward his positions which contradict Veronica ‘s point. This can be considered as the induction of conflicting positions and thoughts among the different departmental caputs of the company.

These struggles are known as intergroup conflicts that exist when groups of people within the organisation such as squads and sections are parties in struggle ( Barker and Angelopulo, 2005 ). Valuable communicating is therefore the agencies by which incompatibilities are impelled and dealt with efficaciously. Harmonizing to Terry, Veronica is unsure sing what is to be done, whether the solution is realistic and acceptable by everybody else. The new system shall hold a negative impact on the company and thereby in his observation, will merely add to the overall expenses.

Harmonizing to Mike, for the executing of the new system the audience and blessing of Doug was of supreme importance. Besides being the brotherhood minister plenipotentiary, he is looked up by the other members of the company in times of critical determination devising phases.

Having a complete outline of the assorted characters within the organisation it can be generalised that a blend of different leading manners has been adopted by Mike Wilson in order to keep the company ‘s operations and deliverance it from the turning deadlock of the consuming work force. As per Rajan ( 2002 ), different types of leading manners are needed to get by with different state of affairss. As per Rollinson ( 2008 ) alternatively of trying to acknowledge a lone manner of leading that would be suited universally, a eventuality point of position should be adopted which requires a leader to follow a manner of conduct/behavior that matches the conditions in which leading needs to be exercised. As the Managing Director of Fridgecom Limited it is suggested that a situational attack be implemented by Mike.

The current status of the organisation demands a redress for the high degree of labour output and a declaration for minimising the complexnesss of geting information of the labour force working for the organisation. Mike has dispensed the properties of a advisory leader who gives an ear to the thoughts and suggestions of subsidiaries before finalising a peculiar action. On the other manus, it is indispensable for Mike to carry Doug Stalin and assist him grok the expedience of using the two external experts. On the other manus Mike can use the support theory that increases the frequence of desirable behaviours by associating those behaviours with positive effects ( Griffin and Moorhead, 2009 ). In other words Doug must be made cognizant of the benefits that can be achieved by the debut of the new system in the organisation.

The IS engineering is merely good in order to retain the employee related information which shall assist Veronica happen out the ground for the high degree of labour turnover and besides make the appropriate alterations to maintain clasp of the employees within the organisation. However it is seen that there are interpersonal struggles prevalent among employees like Terry who is the caput of the Information Systems and Veronica.

Terry does non see Veronica to be capable of doing valid determinations. In his position the proficient jobs can non be understood by others and therefore organizing a feasible solution was manner beyond any one else ‘s capableness. Mike in such fortunes must play the function of a democratic leader by supplying a just chance to Terry to pass on his thoughts and suggestions. This leading behaviour if adopted by Mike might promote Terry to be more luxuriant about his position points and besides minimise his interpersonal struggles with other employees of the organisation viz. Veronica.


Hence to sum up all the above suggestions and recommendations, a leader should follow a manner that enables him to take determinations efficaciously and the manner such adopted must be in conformity with the type of the organisation. Here, Mike Wilson should follow or take resort of situational manner of leading to decide issues refering to his organisation and work on issues so as to better the productiveness and the efficiency of the employees on the whole.

2: “ The jobs confronting Fridgecom are strictly proficient ; blowing clip on ‘people issues ‘ merely complicates our occupation as IS developers. ” — – Terry Cole

To what extent do you hold or differ with this statement?

A Birds Eye View:

2.1 Human Resource Management ;

The footings ‘Human Resource Management ‘ ( HRM ) and ‘Human Resources ‘ ( HR ) have mostly replaced the term ‘Personnel Management ‘ as a description of the procedures involved in pull offing people in the organisations. Human Resource Management is defined as a strategic and consistent attack to the direction of an organisation ‘s most valued assets-the people working there who separately and jointly lend to the accomplishment of its aims. Storey ( 1989 ) believes that HRM can be regarded as a ‘set of interconnected policies with an ideological and philosophical underpinning ‘.

One of the first expressed statements of the HRM construct was made by the Michigan School ( Fombrun et wholly, 1984 ). They held that HR systems and the organisational construction should be managed in a manner that is congruous with organisational scheme. He farther explained that there is a human resource rhythm that is followed in typically all type of organisations. ( Armstrong, 2007 ).







Figure 3. The Human Resource Cycle ( adapted from Fombrun et all, 1984 )

The diagram above is a pictural representation of what precisely undergoes in an organisation with respects to the human resource direction. The direction of the employees is really much necessity so as to bring on efficiency and thereby increase their productiveness.

The efficiency and public presentation of staff, and their committedness to the aims of the organisation, are fostered by good human relationships at work. This demands that proper attending be given to human resource direction and harmonious employee dealingss. The director needs to understand the importance of good managerial patterns and how to do the best usage of the people resource. The publicity of good human dealingss is an built-in portion of the procedure of direction and improved organisational public presentation. ( Mullins, 2010 ).

2.2 Human Resource Information Systems ;

The usage of engineering in the work topographic point involves the direction of people utilizing Human Resource Information Systems ( HRIS ). The chief purpose of utilizing this engineering in organisations is to increase the productiveness of the employees and hence do the organisation more successful.

In an organisation that operates with modern direction information systems, it is better for human resource section to hold the capacity or the ability, in footings of its specific information system, to back up the employees and their maps within the organisation. HRIS is a computerized system that helps human resource directors gather, organize, shop, update and recover the information needed for the directors of the employees. These systems are indispensable to give direction the ability to do determinations associating to employee dealingss. It is of import that these systems are on a regular basis updated to do certain that determinations are made based on the right information. ( Kleynhans et all, 2005 ).

2.3 Technology:

The information that is available to the organisations, the information they make out of it and the effectual usage of the information therefore obtained by using the cognition they have becomes important for the success of the organisation. Technology has played a critical function in the above procedure where usage of engineering has resulted in growing and success to the organisations that have efficaciously utilized the available engineering. Technology has assisted the companies by leting the companies to hive away informations traditionally but now companies tend to hive away information and cognition by the usage of engineering. The systems which provide accurate and timely information to employees to do internal procedures more efficient and besides integrate assorted concern units and link the supply concatenation and the clients to the organisation are called as information systems ( Boddy, Boonstra and Kennedy, 2005 ).

One such advanced information systems that is widely in usage is the Enterprise systems ( ES ) besides known as Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ). ERP systems are extremely incorporate enterprise-wide information systems that automate the nucleus concern procedures such as fabrication, human resource, finance and supply concatenation direction ( Holland and Light, 1999 ). All these are done under one individual database taking to an effectual signifier of communicating between assorted sections and therefore ERP gets the name ‘producer-led ‘ ( Payne, 2002, pg. 91-92 ). It is the broad scope of coverage that makes ERP an attractive information system that companies tend to travel for.

2.4 Information System

Gratton has put frontward four basic propositions out of which one explains that there are differences between people as an plus and the traditional assets such as engineering ( Mullins, 2010 ). Technology is an component of the information systems adopted by the company. The information system is a set of interconnected constituents that collect, manipulate, shop and misestimate informations and information and supply a feedback mechanism to run into an aim ( Stair et al, 2009 ). Organisations require information systems to map and trust on them for the informations storage. This system provides and manages informations ; it supports the value added services to the both internal and external users. Communication between groups of people and actions of persons can be synchronized by information system. Information system can merely win if it is implemented in the rational mode. Peoples use information to pull off and treat end products ; they use natural informations which is transformed into information ( Boddy et al 2008 ). As per the Fridgecom instance survey, information system used by the company is outdated and is non reliable. Veronica who has joined the company few months back is confronting quandaries due to hapless maintained of informations. Data provided by the current system is non trusty for doing important determinations.

The Linkage

Having done the critical analysis in the old reply, the nature and individualism of Terry Cole- Head of the Information Systems is now simpler to understand. As per the instance survey Terry Cole has a really weak communicating accomplishment, weak plenty to confound other employees. This is obviously because of the high degree proficient linguistic communication that he uses to pass on. He is skilled as he holds sophisticated scheduling expertness and has a varied sense of cognition about all the proficient facets of the Information Systems. Veronica considers Terry to be a hurdle in every action she tries to take. On the other manus Terry ‘s position of Veronica ‘s solution is wholly different as he fails to hold to her solution. Harmonizing to Terry, the solution offered by Veronica is non feasible as it fails to acknowledge the ‘technical jobs ‘ existent within the company.

Fridgecom Limited is confronting sculpt jobs with regard to the unstable work force and the full instance survey revolves around a solution the different members have been seeking to deduce to work out the same job. The jobs of staff turnover have a sedate impact on the preparation map when sing the clip and the cost involved. The company employs valuable clip for an employee to understand the occupation and go effectual in that peculiar function. This nevertheless merely consequences into loss of resources and clip when the labour leaves the organisation. The land on which the labour turnover is increasing is hard to understand due to complexnesss in the bing human resource database.

Hence, harmonizing to Veronica the most effectual method of covering with the state of affairs is to develop a new Human Resource information system. In contrast, Terry Cole claims that the jobs faced by the organisation are strictly proficient in nature and have no connexion with the human resource. Therefore in order to get at an understanding or dissension with Terry ‘s claim, it is foremost necessary to place with the significance and importance of both the information system ( proficient facet ) and the human resource ( people aspect ) nowadays in an organisation.

Associating the above constructs with the given instance survey it can said that although immense attempts are made for the choice and preparation procedure, really small visible radiation is thrown upon the significance of keeping records and statistics in relation to the work force. An appropriate background is hence non available for analysing the ground for the high degree of labour turnover. Added to this drawback the forces section of the company fails to acknowledge the troubles faced daily by the production section. Due to the improper system of continuing information, a job occurs when determinations associating to the human resource are to be taken. As a redress for the job, the debut of a new information system can be looked at as a important solution. Not merely will the system assistance in keeping records of the work force but will besides supply a footing for contemplating the labor related jobs. In this mode effectual determinations associating to the people aspect of the organisation can be made swimmingly.

With regard to the treatment done sing the ERP constructs, the directors in order to guarantee smooth functionality among the section must travel in for an ERP system that minimizes all the inter-departmental struggles and the director is good cognizant of the go oning within the organisation So an ERP system throws a visible radiation on the countries which are debatable so as to assist the director come up with a solution for it. ERP is an indispensable IS system which could non merely heighten the proficient facets of the organisations but besides provide a encouragement to the Human resource System so every bit to guarantee a smooth behavior of the activities within the organisation.

Analyzing Terry Cole ‘s statement, “ people issues ‘ and the proficient issues have a batch of similarities and are interconnected with one another. ‘Socio-technical theory refers to the interrelation of ‘social ‘ and ‘technical ‘ and is founded on two chief rules. One is that the interaction of societal and proficient factors creates the conditions successful or unsuccessful system public presentation. These interactions are comprised partially of additive cause and consequence relationships, the relationships that are usually designed, and partially from non additive, complex, even wholly unpredictable and helter-skelter relationships, those that are unexpected ‘. ( Walker, 2009 ).

The proficient job here is the deficiency of package or a system to enter databases of old employees and as such Fridgecom Ltd lacked a nice 1. This caused grave jobs for Veronica which has already been mentioned earlier in the old reply. The proficient issue here is deficiency of a plan to ease the smooth operation of affairs related to the Human resource. Terry on the other manus is against the execution of Mike ‘s new IS undertaking which facilitates the working and finds a solution for the ‘people issue ‘ jobs. This is because Terry feels that, the execution wo n’t hold any consequence on the on-going procedure as the issue seems to be a proficient issue.

This can besides be viewed as a people job as the grounds for the absenteeism seems unknown. The labour bend over seems to be on a all clip high footing. This lone shows that Fridgecom ltd has a sleek cognition about their human resources and the direction seems to be really hapless. The ground for this might be deficiency of a proper information system to ease the on-going procedure og pull offing people. However as suggested by Veronica, the solution offered by her may non be true because the existent ground for the high degree absenteeism and work turnover is non yet known.

Terry feels that excessively many systems will do his occupation more hard as he is already in the procedure of piecing bequest systems who fail to pass on efficaciously with each other. Furthermore Terry holding impressions about Veronica feels that her proposal of presenting a new IS system is futile as the job is proficient harmonizing to him.

The job here is that of a deficiency of an IS which has characteristics of both the HRIS and the ERP, so as per the theories and the constructs discussed, a new IS for the human resource should be introduced holding done a thorough analysis of the effects with respects to the benefits that it may accomplish in the hereafter that Fridgecom would derive.So an IS system should include feautures capable plenty to cover with the societal issues with regard to the jobs of high work turnover and the grounds for absenteeism.

In decision to all the above replies, theories and constructs, it is really much necessity for any organisation to foremost acknowledge jobs, secondly to happen the grounds for the jobs and thirdly to happen a solution suited plenty to work out those jobs. Fridgecom Ltd, should hold a IS system that can guarantee that there is smooth operation, a leader who is good cognizant of the occurrences in his organisation and person who people look frontward to. Fridgecom ltd needs a leader who is capable plenty to take determinations during the times of trouble and who is knowing plenty to manage force per unit areas without deputing all the work to the subsidiaries. The organisation needs to maintain its options open while taking the best IS for the organisation. HRIS or ERP would be among the best suited for organisations that by and large have human resource issues along with technological drawbacks.