manual operated by hand barrier is used.

manual toll series system might be still the most widely used method in Kumasi for collecting tolls. in thisdevice an operator collects cash manually inside the toll plaza. The operator is placed in a toll booth servicing one lane of traffic. a fully operated by hand barrier is used. it’s far commonly additionally essential to appoint some simple auditing systems, including counting the vehicles passing via the lanes and moregenerally now supplying a paper receipt on request for every transaction.manual toll collection commonly requires the constructing of a toll plaza that divides the loose flowing multilane street into a number of single lanes. every lane is serviced by a tollbooth, which homes an operator who manually collects toll payments that the driver has to pay. the overall rule for the design of toll plazas is that there should be as a minimum three tollbooths to service each one lane of visitors main into the toll plaza. In Kumasi, apart from a number of the countrywide highways, most of the highways are double lane and there may be handiest one toll collection sales space with a few humans for toll series. such cubicles are placed to acquire tolls for up bound and down certain car. A receipt is given to the motive force after paying the tolls in cash. The enforcement of manual toll systemsrelies on using a barrier that isn’t opened till affirmation by the operator or the accumulating system that the appropriate toll has been paid. In some national motorway, these structures are frequently augmented viavehicle detectors, to remember the automobiles passing via the lane, and by a few form of vehicle class, to differentiate distinctive instructions of motors.The collector takes cash with admire to exceptional sorts of automobiles from all the drivers passing throughthe lane. If the transaction requires that exchange is given or a paper receipt is furnished, then this methodtakes longer. The government decided to introduce computerized toll structures for the highways and their bridges in all of the us of a’s seven street zones in July 2004 with a wish that such toll- series software couldassist increase government sales earnings and stop irregularities, corruption and terrorism as nicely. All roads and bridges might be added underneath a package application and Operation and preservation (O) operator would be appointed thru worldwide tender. necessary equipment might be set up in all automatictoll plazas inside three or 4 months. the brand new automatic systems, in place of conventional leasing one, might assist give a boost to the united states of america’s economy. those are specially semi manual in nature. Such structures are already established at a number of locations like Accra .- Tema motorway. theseare microprocessor based totally guide toll series machine, wherein transaction is guide but differentstructures are automated. The gadget is mounted in 6-lane toll cubicles and is responsible for the registering of tolls gathered and controlling the vehicles through various signs and symptoms / signs within the toll lane and shooting information from car detection gadget, video cameras. those commonly includes island, site visitors indicators, limitations, a local vicinity community, plaza pc, computer pc, laser printers, as well as a complete revenue audit control device and other enter gadgets at the side of Toll Collector inputs.