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Many historians have argued that The War of 1812 was a complete waste of resources and deaths could have easily been avoided with just a bit more patience and communication. Many argued that the war itself emphasized the role of a new form of nationalism that emerged before the war. This being said, during the War of 1812 there were many social, economic and political issues that had a great impact on America itself.  The war’s overall outcome boosted our national self confidence and encouraged the growing spirit of America. The War of 1812 lead to many social issues impacting America as a whole. One social impact was the burning of the nation’s capital in Washington D.C. “Setting the city aflame in revenge for the burning of Canadian government buildings by U.S. troops earlier in the war. The White House, a number of federal buildings, and several private homes were destroyed” ( But when the United States troops held off the British at Baltimore, after the burning of the nation’s capital, Francis Scott Key wrote the poem, which we call “Star-Spangled Banner”, which has had a major social impact on America. An article called Why The Star Spangled Banner is the perfect insight to Americas soul by Alex Marshall he states, “This is a song originally of relief and of the little man holding his ground, and it has somehow risen from the least auspicious of beginnings to become one of the most important songs ever” (Marshall para.2). Also in another article by Donald Hickey it states “the war gave the fledgling republic a host of sayings, symbols, and songs that helped Americans define who they were and where their young republic was headed” (Hickey para. 10). The last social impact that the war had on America today was that many Americans as a whole had more nationalism then before. They had felt this because they beat the strongest country in the whole world two times in a row. This proving that America was overall a strong country and not to be messed with.  Just as much as the War of 1812 had social impacts it also had many economic impacts. Economically the change in our manufacturing inside the country had a drastic change and boosted enormously because of the war, the British were cutting off our coastline so wouldn’t be able to trade or receive any supplies that we needed. So eventually after the war our manufacturing became our source of supplies and our economy. The war also helped because “it spurred on construction of the Erie Canal project, which was built to promote commercial links yet was also perceived as having military uses should the need ever arise” (Wikipedia). As well as social and economical issues that the War of 1812 impacted America with comes Political impacts. After the war of 1812 James Monroe had passed the Monroe Doctrine in which states that “the U.S. opposed further European colonization of an interference with independent nations in the Western Hemisphere” ( I feel as if Monroe did this because the british came and interfered with us which then resulted in a massive break out of war. Another political issue that impacted America  after the war of 1812 was the Federalist Party sort of faded from our politics. One event in which there is an example of this is when John Quincy Adams attacked the federalist party at the Hartford convention. In an article called The Hartford Convention: Its effects upon the Federalist party by Olive Kottke Clark she discusses John Quincy Adams speech and in shorter terms she talks about how Adams felt the federalist party was a corrupt political group. The final result “was an Era of Good Feelings with the lowest level of partisanship ever seen” (Wikipedia). In conclusion, The war of 1812 as a whole brought many changes to America. It in the end boosted our country’s manufacturing system. It easily convinced James Monroe to pass the Monroe Doctrine and somehow even started the end of the Federalist Party. Lastly it increased the level of nationalism overall. The war completely changed America for the best.