Many consumed at least three servings of

Many investigations have been done in attempt to try to find a
correlation between fruit and vegetable intake and mortality. A trial has been
done through a large observational study to see if there is any possible
correlation between any of these studies and fruit and vegetable intake. Nutritionists
recommend eating at least five servings a day of fruits and vegetables. Is
there any correlation between the serving intake of fruits and vegetables for
mortality and a longer life span?

In this observational study, participants were given a
questionnaire to collect information about their lifestyle and well-beings. The
48,850 men and 39,227 women who returned their questionnaires participated in
the study. To obtain past information of diet, researchers gave participants a
96-item food frequency questionnaire. Participants were to mark how much they
ate of that specific food item. The questionnaire was written as the average
servings per day of daily consumption from that particular food item.

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For a follow up, from January 1998 through December 2010, the
results of the study showed that on average, woman consume more fruits and
vegetables than men. The participants from the study that had a low consumption
of fruits and vegetables were to be more at-risk with smoking, intelligence,
and dietary issues. On the other hand, participants with an increase of fruit
and vegetable intake lead to positive results. Based on the comparison of the
suggested daily fruit and vegetable serving, the participants who consumed at
least three servings of fruits and vegetables lived longer than the
participants who didn’t have any fruit or vegetable intake. In conclusion,
daily intake of fruits and vegetables can increase survival rate. Although this
is true, consuming more than the suggested daily amount does not increase
survival rate.