Many were worsening and it’s a fact

Many interested groups have played a huge role
in making sure that the human rights are protected in Ethiopia for instance the
world bank which donated their aid to Ethiopia. The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary
Democratic Front are used in using the aids given by the donors so that they
can be able to protect their state from violating their citizens .They use the
donor to support programs salaries and even training their farmers on how to
practice their agriculture so as they can join the ruling party ‘Ethiopian
Revolutionary Democratic Front. Though the donors have not taken it serious to
question the records of the human rights in Ethiopia .During the elections
times in the Ethiopia government there was the presence of many international
organizations such as the European Union, African Union and the Carter Center
observer missions who added the legitimacy to the exercise of elections in
Ethiopia. The broadcast, radio helped in offering refreshing during this
exercise of elections helped in giving clear information the citizens (voters).
This period Ethiopia was able to record an achievement of an open elections
where every citizen was able to analyze it because debates were held so that to
discuss the serious issues and challenges affecting their state. After all
these debates the international came up with a conclusion that the state will
continue having a great and smooth transition in their democratic form of
government. This was not the trend because the situation turned worse because
the elections were worsening and it’s a fact that if the election is the heart
of democracy hence it should be handled well so as to ensure democracy is practiced.
Many international actors ensure that peace is maintained in the terrorism in
Somalia where Ethiopia is playing a huge role in the war against terrorism.
This makes US to consider Ethiopia as a friend because they play a common in
the war against terror




The Ethiopia Human Rights violation was started
in May 2005 after the general elections .The rights which were violated include;

·       killing of citizens

·       violence against women and children

·       citizens were denied fair trial

·       freedom of speech and press were also

·       citizens were detained without charge

·       freedom of privacy to citizens were also


This happened because democracy was not taken
into consideration during this time of elections as it was done before .The
party which won the election was Ethiopian Democratic Revolutionary Democratic
Front (EPRDF) the leader being Meles Zewani. This brought up disunity because
the opposition party which was the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF)
and the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) felt that the elections were
not free and fair as required during the election exercise. According to the
people who voted they had the highest votes but the officials of elections
(NEBE) announced the wrong results that the Ethiopian Democratic Revolutionary
Democratic Front won. And the EPRDF also stood firm that the opposition wanted
to overthrow them they won the elections as announced by the officials. This
led to violence between the ‘winning party’ and the opposition party which led
to death of civilians destruction of the state properties and even it caused
the destruction of the state (Ethiopia) relationships with other states. The
Coalition for Unity and Democracy decided to call for the civil disobedience
which resulted into riots and the police and military used excessive brute
force for the rioting citizens and this was human rights violation because many
people were shot to death women were raped and tortured by cutting their
breasts. This again led to demonstrations and people decided to strike in the
streets .The violence was characterized by elite polarization. The electoral
board of Ethiopia decided now to investigate through several panels to find out
whether the elections were dirty. But nothing showed that it was a foul play.
The opposition party still rejected this results of investigations by the NEBE
which said that the ruling party won the elections. The opposition party still
claimed that the NEBE were influenced by the UEDF which was now the ruling
party. The ruling party justified themselves that it’s their role. The people
of Ethiopia were restricted as if it was an authoritarian state not a
democratic people where should enjoy their rights especially elections which is
said to be the heart of democracy.

The International human rights in Ethiopia is
through dualism and monisim.The dualists states that a national legislation
must be declared so that the provisions of international instruments can be
implemented in the domestic level(state level) and also the monism states that
all international agreements which are ratified by their states are vital parts
of their land.


·       Convention on Civil and Political Rights

·       African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights

·       Convention against all forms of Women

·       The convention against torture and other Cruel
inhuman or Degrading Treatment or punishment

The convention on Rights of the Child