March between 600-1600 soldiers are either dead or

March 6, 1836.  After a 13 day siege and constant bombardment of the former Franciscan mission for Native Americans in San Antonio de Bejar known as The Alamo, Mexican forces led by General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, have broken through the outer walls of the church complex and overpowered the 185 American defenders inside.  Reports are of the fierce hand to hand combat which took place inside the courtyard, barracks, and the chapel, which lasted about 90 minutes.  Although outmanned and outgunned, the Americans managed to inflict heavy casualties on the Mexican army, as early reports estimate between 600-1600 soldiers are either dead or wounded.  As indicated by both the red flag of No Quarter, and the blood-curdling bugle call of Deguello that is said to have sounded just before dawn, Santa Anna ordered his men to take no prisoners.  All of the defenders are said to have been killed and their bodies burned, and it appears that only a handful women and children were allowed to escape the carnage.  American eyewitness to the battle is survivor Susannah Dickinson, wife of slain Captain Almaron Dickinson, and their infant daughter Angelina.  General Santa Anna has sent her back to the Texan camp in Gonzales with a letter of warning for General Sam Houston as to what destruction may await those who oppose the Mexican army.  After the battle, she is said to have identified the bodies of famed frontiersman and Tennessee Congressman, David Crockett, and the seriously ill Colonel James Bowie who fought bravely from his deathbed.  Also killed at the Alamo was Lt. Col. William Travis, the commander of the Texan forces in San Antonio, who had been manning The Alamo’s artillery.  Felix Nunez, a Mexican soldier fighting under General Santa Anna’s command, noted that “…The Americans fought with the bravery and desperation of tigers…and not one of them tried to escape or ask for quarter.  They all died like heroes, selling their lives as dear as possible.”  It appears as if this fight has become something of a rallying cry, as Texans are already flocking to Gen. Sam Houston’s army, preparing to stand their ground and fight back as they “Remember the Alamo.”