Marine Corps Bio Template Essay

My name is Colin M Grant I was born Aug 23 1986 in Attleburg,NM. I have to younger siblings, Brandon who is 23 years old and Taylor she is 18 years old.

I grew up in a small town thirty miles south of Roswell and went to a very small school. While in school I never got into any kind of trouble in or out of school. I was a student athlete and kept my grades good. I graduated highschool in May of 2005 and decided to join the Marine Corps 5 months later in October 2005.

I went to MCRD San Diego for basic training, then to Camp Pendleton for MCT. I joined the Marine Corps to serve my country and to gain an experience of leadership and discipline. I was married after bootcamp in Jan 2007 and have a daughter that is now 5 years old. I came in the Marine Corps as a Combat engineer. My first duty station was First Combat Engineer Battalion, First Marine Division, Camp Pendleton, CA there I had a very successful tour, completeing 2 combat tours to Al Anbar Province, Iraq.One with the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit, BLT 3/1 in May of 2007.

While on this deployment I saw a lot of combat action losing a good friend during this deployment from a sniper shot. We were tasked with foot mobile route clearence sweeeping the road sides of the major MSR and area of operation routes and conducted numerous COIN operations. I was promted to Corporal on this deployment in Sep of 2007.

My second was with RCT 5 attched to Third Battalion Seventh Marines.During this deployment I was a squad leader with Bravo Company I led two teams of combat engineers in direct support throughout Al Anbar province. Our mission was to build up and reinforce the security of the combat outpost around the area support the infantry in all aspects of mobilty, counter mobilty and survivabilty I also recieved a Navy achievement Medal for my actions during this tour.

After this deployment I reenlisted and was promted to Sergeant, where then i was given orders to MWSS 371 Yuma, AZ.When I arrived to Yuma i was given the Billet Platoon sergeant of the combat engineers where I supervised all annual training and MOS critical training of all the Marines in the shop. I was Platoon sergeant for about a year and a half.

Then I had family problems which led to a divorce and me getting in trouble at work and was NJP and reduced to Corporal. which I still am going through these problems. These problems have caused me to make some poor decisions and ruined my career as a Marine.