Marketing Deconstruction of Ad Essay

So here we have our humble Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair. The dominant image is set on a plain white background, the image of a classy container with spider webs coming off the left and right. Then above the rhetorical question. “do you ever feel like your growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? This is in a basic black font. We then travel down to where we see a small body of black text and then the bold Neutrogena. To the right, the bottle of Rapid wrinkle repair. Now what does this all mean? Well return to what we see first. This is a very classy looking container. If you try to imagine a fancy container, this is it.

But then these spider webs here make us think. What is this ad saying? so we read the title. “do you ever feel like you’re growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? ” oh the irony, a wrinkle cream that takes so long to work that you may even feel a little older. Now all this makes sense. You’ve obviously been waiting so long to see any results that a spider makes his web on this relatively undisturbed wrinkle cream. Then we travel down to this very basic body of text. Results in 1 week! Catches the eye. Information tells the reader that this stuffs legit then the bold black brand name stands out against the white background.

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They use the same font as they put on their bottles so when the reader is shopping they can make the connection to the feelings generated by the ad. This very basic bottle is here to tell all those ladies that are feed up with their fancy wrinkle cream to get this. Go back to the basics. Now these ads are actually quite similar…. As Levi said, they are quite similar but the subtle differences with these two ads are how they approach their target audience. Clarins goes for the road most travelled. They’re coming right out and saying hey we are the best. This stuff is gunna make you shine!!

Your gunna glow with perfect smooth skin. They even have a wee splurge on why its so good. Where as Neutrogena hasn’t, they’ve picked a more conservative approach. Saying hey! We know your sick of waiting for this fancy stuff. Why don’t you just use this stuff, its basic and It works fast. Pretty simple really. I find my ad quite effective. Placed in Woman’s Day, a popular magazine read by 95% women where the median age is 54. It is get to its target audience of 30-60 year old women. Its basic layout and structure really emphasises the point that this product is simple, it works, and works fast.

Don’t waste your time waiting for these fancy creams to work. You’re not getting any younger. They have even put this ad right after an article titled “ The truth about sun damage” the reader is already thinking about how to care for their skin. And bam there ya go. Its uses irony to show how ineffectively slow other creams are in comparison. Saying if your containers anything like this, your be waiting along time. But overall these ad are both fairly effective. Approaching their target audience from different angles and You can see how these ads portray themselves in away that makes you buy their products.