Marketing is done by the organization to collect


Marketing research

research is a procedure that is done by the organization to collect valuable
information which will help them to find out if there is a for your proposed
products or service. This research is done directly with the customers which
allows the company to know what are the market targets and the demand of the
customers. It is mostly done by the company itself or a third-party company is
hired who are specialized in the market field. The key to a successful business
is to understand what does the customers demand and providing it to them for
their satisfaction and getting profits from it.

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Primary research

conducting experiments, investigation or test carried out to collect first-hand
data’s rather than taking from some other resources.  This research data is more reliable, this can
help them in accurate forecasting. Primary research is conducted by

1.   Questions
that are short and to the point.

2.   Carrying
out questionnaire that is addressed to specific individuals.


A data that is
already compiled and organized for you which is used in your own situations.
Its very easy to find using the internet or research journals. This research is
mostly free of cost or low cost.  This
date is conducted by

1.   Gathering
data from already available.

2.   Gather
data in limited time frame.

3.    Conduct research in small budget.

There are also
qualitative research and quantative research in the marketing research.

Qualitative research

This is a type
of social science research that collects and works with non-numerical data.


this type of research
focuses on gathering numerical data and generalizing across groups of people.

As assigned the task of market research to
the team and as an team member I proposed that in order to get correct and
reliable information we use primary method. This survey will be conducted by
taking interviews and using questionnaires with the customers.