Marketing Mix Essay

The marketing mix is essentially about meeting the needs of the customer. Companies must make determinations about what “works” and what does not “work”.

In order to assess where the company stands with their product or service, a marketing mix that is focused on the customer will help in addressing the changes that should be made. Companies can address such things as the packaging of the product or service. Warranties can be added to the product or service. Companies can also advertise through different mediums such as television, radio, billboards, and newspapers.Pricing and special discounts are also ways to enhance the marketing mix. The marketing mix is made up of the “Four P’s”.

The “Four P’s” are Product, Place, Promotion, and Price (Armstrong & Kotler, 2011). All of the pieces of the marketing mix must have the customer in mind. It is important for companies to recognize that the product, place, promotion, and price are all equally important in the marketing mix. The product is the good or service provided to the customer. Therefore, the product or service must be of high quality or in the least, the quality that the customer expects.The place is where the company will reach its target market.

The firm will have to choose whether the product or service will be available in stores or online or through other means. The promotion part of the marketing mix is where the company will have to decide how to tell the customer about the product or service and how it will sell the product or service. The last part of the marketing mix is the price. The price of the product or service is important because the company must recognize what the customer will be willing to pay for the product.Due to the complexity of today’s market, a firm must know the target market it is trying to sell the product or service to. “It all depends on product or service, target demographic, the message and particularly, how the target customers want to be approached (Graham, 2007). The company must have the ability to continually change with the times.

There are new products, innovations, and trends entering the market. The firm must listen to the consumer and make the changes that will keep them content with the product.The customer is interested in the product or service that will meet their needs and will go to another company to purchase the product or service if there is something that appeals more than the previous. “No one has a corner on “right answers” today when it comes to marketing tactics”, (Graham, 2007). Today the market is flooded with products and there are many choices for the consumer. This variety of products or services, means that it is vital for firms to remain competitive.

However, this also means that companies must have a good product or service and continually stay abreast of the competition.As much thought, research, and preparation must be placed on marketing as it is on the actual product or service. According to the article “The New Marketing Mix”, all marketing tactics are temporary, experimental, marketing requires an array of tactics, and customers are the experts (Graham, 2007). Amazon is the organization that I feel is one that has had a tremendous success rate with its Kindle Fire. Amazon has enjoyed success with its online distribution and sales which was its main business for many years and broke out with e-readers, then broke into the tablet market with the Kindle Fire.The customer is the main focus and target of the marketing mix in Amazon’s efforts in marketing the Kindle. Amazon already had a target market with its online distribution, so it would make sense to continue to cater to that target market while remaining competitive and relevant to what is going on in the market as a whole.

The target market for Amazon is the avid reader. The market as a whole is making tremendous advances in technology. These innovations have affected books, music, gaming and so many other areas of the market.Amazon tapped into and kept abreast of the innovations with introducing the e-reader then providing more options for the customer. Amazon successfully broadened its target scope by taking part and including more features in the Kindle.

The features such as apps, access to movies music and of course thousands of book choices, made the Kindle appealing to all ages. The Kindle Fire is a product that has met and exceeded the expectations of many avid readers such as myself. The Kindle provides features such as instant purchase and downloads of books, music, movies, apps and more.Amazon successfully provided a product with complete ease of use. The Kindle is the optimal size for reading and for mobility (it can easily fit into a purse or bag). The quality is exceptional, runs smoothly, fast flawless streaming and beautiful picture quality.

The company stands behind it’s product and will automatically send a new Kindle to the customer if there is any problem with the product. The next part of the marketing mix and its relation to the Kindle Fire is place. Amazon basically made the Kindle Fire very accessible to anyone wanting to purchase it. The Kindle is of course featured, in detail, on Amazon.Kindle is also available at just about any retailer who sells electronics. Walmart, Target, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club are all retailers that sell the Kindle. These retailers make it easy for customers to pick up an item such as the Kindle because most customers have a certain place where they so most of their shopping like one of these. Promotion is another essential piece to the marketing mix and Amazon certainly used a mix of promotional tools.

The Kindle Fire is promoted on Amazon which is where many of their customers already shopped for books and other items.The Kindle Fire was also promoted on television commercials, advertisements, and on banner advertisements on the internet. The advertisement’s objectives were to capitalize on the ease of use and all of the features that would appeal to so many people. The avid readers became interested due to the instant downloads of all of their favorite books and the comfort of not having to flip pages or use and book light or lamp when reading in bed. The available apps and children’s books appealed to children and parents who want to encourage more reading. The price of the Kindle played a large role in the success of the Kindle Fire.The Kindle Fire’s price was $199.

This price was significantly less than other tablets on the market. While Kindle was not advertising itself as a tablet per se, the price take make consumers notice it and based on their needs would certainly consider the Kindle over a Samsung Galaxy or ipad. Kindle was able to keep the price low knowing full well that the Kindle owner would be purchasing all of their books, music, movies, and apps on through Amazon. Amazon seems to have hit all of the targets accurately in the marketing mix. The Kindle Fire is a product that meets and exceeds the needs of its target customer.Amazon will have to continue to discover and re-discover those needs and will have to continue to listen to the customer for ideas. Customers typically go to the internet to research their products and to hear what kind of experiences others are having or have had with those products. With that in mind, Amazon will want to provide good experiences for their current customers in anticipation of future customers.

Amazon has already put out more models of the Kindle such as the Kindle HD and a larger sized Kindle. This is an indication that Amazon has listened to the customer and has ooked at the competition in the market and has adjusted to meet the needs of the customer with more added features and has maintained a lower price point than the competition while still providing a quality product. In a struggling economy it is nice to know that an individual can still purchase a quality item for less.ReferenesGraham, J. (2007).

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