Marketing Product Strategies of Swatch Essay

SAPRODUCT Product line of Swatch’s watches was divided into five differences category which is Swatch Original, Swatch Irony, Swatch Skin, Swatch Beat and Swatch Bijoux. First of all, for Swatch Original, the watches was made up by plastics and also known by the world first plastic watches. Second, for Swatch Irony was made up by all metals shell case. Swatch Skin was the world thinnest plastic watches and it’s divided into two types which are Original Skin, which known as the thinner version of Swatch brand and Skin Chronograph is the watches that with chronograph function.

After that, is Swatch Beat which is defined as decimal time concept and it’s was convenient for people who are in different time zone. Follow on by Swatch Bijoux also known as jewelry line that released in millennium. Portfolio of Swatch watches tell us that different type of watches have different uses for different people. Firstly, swatch’s watches for collectible purpose produce with a specific style. The main collection was Irony, Skin, Digital, and Originals.

Except for collectible purpose, Swatch also designs many type of watches for those are sporty are also known as dynamic creations with superior technology and innovative design to convey the inspiring energy, spirit, and power to all athletes. Apart from this, Swatch’s watches are the good gift idea because it was famous because of the high quality product with low prices. The design of watches was unique and popular in each stage of age. Moreover, Swatch’s watches can treated as affordable fashionable icon because the design of watches was follow with the latest fashion trend.

Service that provide by Swatch is warranty service for each customer who are purchasing their watches. Because of the warranty services provides by Swatch, the Swatch watches purchaser has the right to repair their watch for free. The swatch watches is warranted for a period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase under the terms and conditions of the warranty with presenting the effective warranty certificate. During the warranty period any damage to the watches, the customer has the right for defect repaired free of charge. The life span of new battery can use for two or three months.

But, if any part of watches is damage because of the lack of care, abnormal use, oversight, accidence or any wrongly use by customer, the warranty service are not provided to the customer. After two years from the date of purchasing, the warranty services provided by Swatch companies are not valid to the buyer. Star product As the one of the most famous watches brand in the world, Swatch has been produces many different type of watches before. Among the watch product, star product of Swatch was The Jelly. The Jelly known as the oldest product in the playbook of Swatch and have been appeared over the years.

The design of The Jelly was well-known by the public because it was fully transparent design except for the part of the time movement. The part of the band is made up by the plastic strap and the clasp type is made up by buckle. The design of the shape of the dial and the shape of the case for the Jelly was round shape and the diameter of the case normally is 33 millimeter. This type of watches was suitable for both female and male because it provides with many difference color and unique design that make the person who wear this watches will looked more sunshine and fashionable.

Before the Jelly appeared in the watches market, there was less watches with plastic or rubber design. So, the customer was been attracted by the design and the new concept of watches. Together with the Swatch companies strongly publicity, the Jelly becomes the most popular watches among the customer. Future Plan The future plan for Swatch watches is become the creative and innovative leading brand in the global market. In order to complete this plan, Swatch has to build and establish a strong and positive brand image in the mind of the consumer.

Once the customer talk about watches, they will right away think about Swatch. The best way to achieve this plan was using customization strategy. Swatch’s company can personalize the watch and develop more special design for each different seasonal to meet the customers need and taste and make the watches become more unique. The company also can design more watches with special features to emphasizing ever greater particularly so customer can differentiate the Swatch product with other brand.

Moreover, the company can launched the watches for innovation, youthful, and unique design in limited edition to catch the customer attention, for example the Swatch can product the watch with touch screen as now the world is popular with the touch screen product. It is important for the Swatch companies to keep produce watches that are following the latest trend because it will ensure that they never become obsolete . The company also can collect the customer complaint from the internet or by doing survey to improve the quality of their product.