Marketing communication is related positively


Marketing communication is related positively to a brand-related performance of the firm (Madhavaram et al., 2005). The consequence of marketing communication is come from customer’s positively response and firm’s efforts which are connected to each other. Furthermore, IMC give benefits to firms regarding to building the brand equity of their products and services across synergy. The good responses from customers can be created though IMC as well specifically in the service area (Duncan and Moriarty, 1998). According to Madhavaram et al., “It is widely accepted that effective communication is critical enabling the formation of brand awareness and brand image, that is, brand equity”, therefore in order to build and retain strong brand, most of companies arranging large quantity of resources to develop and improve their strategies. For this reason, the improvement and development of strategies can significantly impact brand equity and it is also a valuable source to generate competitive advantage for many organizations. Overall, it can be clearly seen that IMC is very important because it can create productivity, efficiency and effectiveness to companies in terms of communicating with their market segmentation and target market. Moreover, companies can attain an excellent financial performance throughout greater brand equity (2005).