Marketing Study Essay

Company profile A. Brief History * Mr Ifore Yu first came about this concept while on a vacation in New York City in 2007. He discovered a chicken craze at that time and saw a couple of restaurants offering deep fried chicken smothered in their own special sauces. He then decided to bring the similar concept to the Philippines, but making it suitable for the Filipino taste, and thus Chicken Charlie was born on April 20, 2010. Why the name “Chicken Charlie”? * Mr. Yu named the restaurant after his father, Charlie. * He decided to put the word chicken to emphasize his specialty which is chicken. Along with the name chicken charlie, he included the tag lines “you think you know fried chicken”, and “chicken you’ve never had before” B. Organizational chart/ Structure Ifore Yu Owner Glenn Chu Shareholder James Tsoi Shareholder Rochelle Cabayanan Operations Manager Jhen Cashier Jenny Cashier Alvin Cook Alex Assistant Cook Michael Preparations JR Preparations Allan Reliever Glenn Cutter C. Number of Branches and Location * So far they only have 1 branch and it is located at 592 N. S. Amoranto St. cor. Banawe Q. C. * It is open from 11am-9pm * They plan to open a new branch in Abad Santos St. n Wilson San juan. D. Number of Employees * 9 employees * 1 operations manager * 2 cashiers * 1 cutter * 1 cook * 1 assistant cook * 2 preparatory * 1 reliever * Training for their employees.. Training period: 1month Includes:

* Food safety * Proper way of cooking chicken * Time for cooking * Hairnet * Clogs * Company Profile E. Various Departments and Functions * Operations Management – Provides guidelines for day to day operations of the restaurant. * Kitchen/Production – The heart of the restaurant. This is where their famous fried chicken is prepared and cooked. * Purchasing/Receiving Handles ordering of raw materials needed. Makes sure that materials meets the required standards of the restaurant. F. Mission It aims to introduce an innovative way of serving fried chicken which boasts of better taste and better quality. With its unique frying technique and SOY-GARLIC sauce, Chicken Charlie offers a new way of enjoying fried chicken. By using only the best and freshest ingredients available, Chicken Charlie aims to offer the public a healthier alternative with its non-greasy and transfat-free fried chicken. G. Vision * To set a NEW standard in serving and enjoying fried chicken.

G. Company Goals and Objectives * To introduce an innovative way of serving fried crispy fried chicken using the double fried chicken technique. * To serve healthy fried chicken with 0 grams trans fat without jeopardizing the taste. * To have additional branches. * Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy * II. Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy A. Target Market 1. Demographic Profile * Age: YUPPIES, students from Siena QC, Lourdes QC, STC (Saint Therese’s College) and Grace and Families * Social class bands: mostly from Class A and some from Class B * Gender: Male and Female Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy 2. Psychographic Profile * Most people who come here are chicken lovers who wants something other than the usual chicken with gravy tandem. * Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy 3. Geographic Profile * CC’s customers are mostly from the people who sees the reviews in facebook, mostly around from their circle of friends, residencies from barangay St Peter, Talayan Village, Students from Siena, Lourdes , Stc and Grace School. * Existing Corporate Marketing Strategy * STRENGTHS – Transfat free – Freshly prepared & Always cooked upon order – Perfectly non-greasy Extra ordinary taste and unique concept * WEAKNESS The area is too small (33sqm to be exact ,rent here is 21k per month) They can’t serve their food with in their promised time. * OPPORTUNITIES To transfer in a much bigger place Expansion

* THREATS They might have a great loss on their sales if they don’t transfer to another place. Existing Sales Performance * On Weekdays Estimated 70 orders of chicken per day Php 200. 00 is the amt a customer is willing to spend per visit Php 14,000. 00 is the estimated sales per day over a wkday * On Weekends Estimated 100 orders of chicken per day Php 200. 0 is the amt a customer is willing to spend on a wkend Php 20,000. 00 is the estimated sales per day over a wkday Present Marketing Programs * Pricing Scheme * Promo Activities * An Article on Inquirer * Facebook promo “We are giving away FREE wings by simply following 3 steps: This is to show our gratitude to loyal customers of Chicken Charlie. 1) Shouting out ” I love Chicken Charlie! ” on your profile or wall. 2) Posting Chicken Charlies website on your page “ * Promo Activities CHARLIE’S BOWL! REAL VALUE FOR MONEY! Crunchy chicken strips brushed with SOY-GARLIC glaze on a bowl of rice * Product Analysis Chicken Charlie’s famous chicken wings and chicken legs are very crispy , and flavorful, if you want their trademark sauce then choose Soy Garlic or if you want a kick of spiciness choose the Hot Sweet Sauce. One can’t be satisfied by just eating one, they surely lived up to their word that you will be addicted to it. * Charlie’s bowl is a combination of their trademark sauce and strips of chicken on a bowl of rice. This will surely entice the palate of many Filipinos. * Their French Fries is not your traditional fast-food French Fries. It has a bite into it that is great to be accompanied by Heinz ketchup.

And it complements the taste of their famous chicken. They use unhydrogenated frying oil which means no trans fatty acid. Enjoy food once again without the guilt! * They also offer Bundaberg drinks which are imported from Australia. These drinks are brewed the old fashioned way giving its unique taste. They offer ginger beer, sarsaparilla, and peachee drink. Place/ Location * The store is located at 592a N. S. Amoranto St. Cor. Banawe St. Quezon City * Chicken Charlie’s “said” parking space Advantage: Their customers can freely park here. Disadvantage: it’s a public area so anyone can park here. Even non –CC customers.

Do people in the area notice CC? We asked 30 random people if they know the existence of Chicken Charlie. 15 of them answered that they do know and they tried and will be coming back. 6 of them went there but wont be coming back because they waited for 45mins or more. 9 of them noticed it but cant find time to go there. Next Branch Chicken charlie will open its next branch in Sanjuan. Will be located at 772 Jose Abad Santos St. Brgy. Little Baguio San Juan City Manila. The next branch is expected to open on the first week of November. It has bigger space than the original branch. * Proposed marketing Program

Use Feed back form * Advantage: This will help the company what the customers think of their overall performance that can give them idea to improve * Disadvantage: Some of the customers don’t give comments and suggestions. * Delivery Service Advantage : It will reach more customers within the area. It will also give convenience to the customers since their dine in area is small * Disadvantage : additional employees additional cost * Transfer to another location * Advantage : transferring to a more spacious location will help them entertain more guest. * More seating capacity * bigger kitchen facility This area has more walk traffic and it is passable by jeepneys. * Disadvantage : higher rent(php600. 00 per sqm 65sq. m) for php 39000 Corner N. S. Amoranto, Pao st. Sta Mesa Heights Q. C. * B. Objectives To be able to expand the business To be able to serve more customers To minimize customer complaints To give their guest good service The management will implement the given suggestions C. Action Plans Study the proposed strategy 2. Look for the best supplier Canvass affordable motorcycle or the management can purchase 2nd hand motorcycle 3. Choose Best supplier Best Proposal 4. Printing of the Feed Back form . Use new serving plates 6. Informing the customers of the delivery service by including the contact no. in the flyers Best Strategy * Improvement of the overall facility. Since the first branch is too small for the customer turnover, the best thing they can do is to transfer. The company should study their weaknesses and know the needs of their patrons. Budget for each activity Transfer to another Place Rent : P 600/ sq. m per month -65sq. m per unit Budget for this: Php 39,000 per month Corner N. S. Amoranto, Pao st. Sta Mesa Heights Q. C. Feed Back form Printing Printing : P 3. 00/form No. of Pieces :

Delivery service: ( 2motorcycles) Motorcycle w/ box : P44,000 Total: P 88,000 300 / 1 month Total 😛 900 * Changing of serving Plates Plate Holder : P 15. 00 / pc Paper mat 😛 1. 00 / pc No. Of pieces disposables : 1000 / month No. of pieces for reusable materials : 150 Total for disposables : P 1,000 Total for reusable : P 2,250 Conclusion With this proposal the expected increase in sales will be 50 % to 75 %. Most of the suggestions will help to the improvement of the service of the company which most of the time cost of the complaint of their customers The proposal aims to give higher guest satisfaction.