Marriage Is the Most Important Derision We Make in Life Essay

Marriage is the most important derision we make in life . Before finalizing the decision , there are hundreds of things we need to consider . In Saudis Arabia the decision of marriage is usually made by the parents . Love marriage are rare . An arranged marriage and love marriage are alike in one way , but different in many way. The arranged marriage and love marriage are alike in life style . The wives in both arranged and love marriage take care of their families suck as cleaning , clocking and washes there clothe .

For example , the care of their children and help the with there homework are the same in both of types of marriage. The first different is the parents expectation. In arranged marriage the couple have to thinks about there parents reacted and feeling , also the couple must have there parents aprovment. On the other hand, in most love marriages , the couple will not need the parents aprovment or the elder. The background of the couple is the other different . In arranged marriage , the parents will be thoroughly investigating the background of the bride and the groom .

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An a example , the will be looking into every aspect such as wealth , health condition and habits. Unlike the love marriage , the couple are not worried about any background investigation , It is just love what important to them. All in all , they are similarity in life style , but different in the parents expectation and the background . In my opinion , they both of them are great because , love marriage require effort and good communication to keep happy . Arranged marriage require that also