Marriage Versus Living Together Essay

MARRIAGE VERSUS LIVING TOGETHER Statistics say that married people are healthier, happier, live longer, have higher income, less violence and alcohol, poverty, and are more fulfilled then couples living together. This may be true for some couples but not for all. Couples might choose to live together instead of getting married because one has a huge amount of debt.

Marrying them will have collection agencies going after your money. When you are married, both incomes are counted when applying for grants, loans, and state help. It is sometimes much easier not to marry, rather than not get the help your family needs because of combined incomes.

Couples might choose to live together without marriage because of their financial situations. They can not make ends meet living alone. Some couples live together in case the marriage does not work. They do not have to worry about the cost of divorce and the paperwork that is involved. Society still believes that living together is wrong but now days most of the population live together first before becoming married. Young people under age 18 and under 20 are more likely to divorce and young people who live together are also more likely to move out or start a relationship with someone else because of lack of maturity.Adults are waiting until their later years to make this kind of commitment.

Living together does not increase the chances of a good marriage. How much you work on the relationship has a lot to do with any relationship making it. 2 My fiance and I have been with each other for 4 years. We moved in together after a couple months of dating. After six months, I moved out because of differences we had with children and finances. We continued to date each other and after a year, we are now living together again.

We have had our problems just like any married couple. We learned to communicate and solve ny problems that arise. You do not have to have a paper stating your married to love someone and be committed to each other.

The down side to just living together is the legal aspects. Financially, health emergencies, property and burial. This is why it would be a great idea to have a will drawn up to let family, friends, and to all involved, how you want all the legal aspects carried out. In marriage, couples make an effort to accommodate each other. They put each other first in their lives because they think they will be together for life. This can be the same way if your just living together.

I put my fiance first in my life after my children because I believe any relationship should be this way. My fiance and I act like we are married already. We decide on big purchases, grocery shop, pay bills, raise our children, and make everyday decisions as a couple. We are just as devoted to each other as any married couple. We are just choosing to wait on marriage because of financial situations.

We have both been married before and I would rather live together than get married and have it end in divorce. We know we want to spend the rest of our lives together and when the time is right or if not, we still will love each other. Like I stated earlier, we have both been married before and its true how your feelings change versus living together. My ex-husband and I lived together before we got married. I was in it for the long haul and tried to make it work.

Sometimes a person needs to do what is best for themselves and their children. There was abuse issues that did not happen while we were just living together but happened after marriage. This was the cause of my divorce. Statistics say that couples who live together before marriage have a greater chance of divorce. I ma one of those statistics.People say that communication seems better when your married. If your living together and have children from prior relationships, a person might think that the other person does not need to know or hear about the problems with your children or you might think its none of their business. Being married seems to change a person’s way of thinking about this.

It depends on if a routine was developed prior to marriage. If you felt it was not the other persons business where your children are concerned, this might carry on after marriage. This is another way my fiance and I act like we are married.We both help with the caring, discipline and raising of our children. There are some difficulties due to legal aspects of our children but we strive to make our family a whole. 4 Many couples seem to lose the fun once they get engaged and seem to move to a different planet when they get married.

Couples need to realize that they are still individuals and are still capable of doing fun stuff with other people. There definitely needs to be trust and a couple needs to be secure with each other. If a plant does not get water and sunlight to grow, it will eventually die.If a relationship is not nurtured and given the chance to grow, it too will die.

This can happen if your married or just living together. It depends on what your life is like and what you have been through. If divorced once or twice before, then most people will choose to live together because of the emotional and financial situation they have endured in the past.

Life can be hard. Marriage is blood, sweat, and tears but it is also babies and the best friend you will ever have. Couple can have this whether married or not. It is choosing what is right for you, not what are society thinks is right.