Marriage vs Living Together Essay

Marriage versus Living Together Comparison Thesis By Matthew D Jarnagan Composition I 1041 Abstract Marriage has been a long time traditional and sacred event that intends to keep a couple together for a life time. People have engaged in this activity to promote customs, traditions, and family values. It has been a long time tradition that most cultures participate in all over the world.

In recent years it has become socially acceptable to live together before marriage or even not marry altogether. I have been married for 6 years.Of that six, my wife and I only lived unmarried together for a couple of weeks. We discussed early on some of our pet peeve’s that bothered us when living with others, such as family members. This is what I believed help our relationship and understanding of one another. Looking at my own marriage, my parents, grandparents, and my brother’s relationships, I have develop a small understanding of what the major differences are between being married in a single home or living with a mate unmarried. It was not long ago that the practice of living together without being married started.As well as getting married for “love.

” Which is another topic altogether. Today couples very in what they want. Some prefer the freedom of a single life but want a stable partner, while others seek out traditional marriage to start a family. Most marriages start with a courtship. This is usually approved by parents on both sides. The couple dates for a while, with an engagement expected. There are no time requirements and most couples are already living with each other before the marriage begins. Traditionally couples don’t move in together until the marriage has taken place.

Marriage provides an idea of life commitment with another partner. In which shared family values are develop. Most couples marry their selected spouse on the terms that they share similar values. These may adapt or change in the course of the marriage, but ideally the foundation stays the same. Religion also plays an important role. Most people share the same religious beliefs. While raised with similar backgrounds and values are important to the family structure, religion plays a large role as well.

This helps with the continued growth of the religion and values that both families want to spread.Couples experience ups and downs, struggle through finical crisis and overcome life’s challenges. A life partner helps in dealing with these issues and also provides a support system on which one can rely.

Some people find that dealing with life hardships helps to have someone there for them on a continued basis. At the same time it is expected to be there for that person for emotional, physical and finical support. In General Psychology pg 117, young adulthood is described as the age social and emotional developments occur.

Theorists believe that a person in their 20’s uses this time to become established members of society. During this time they abandon their families of origin and create families of their own. Most young adults who developed a strong sense of identity during adolescence are ready to “fuse” their identities with those of another through marriage. It is also believed that those who do not develop intimate relationships’ risk retreating into isolation and loneliness. On “Family Dynamics Institute” website, a list of reasons for marriage is listed. The list shows benefits for children within the family.Here are some examples; more likely to attend college, more likely to succeed academically, physically healthier, emotionally healthier, less likely to abuse drugs, alcohol and commit delinquent behaviors. “Having a healthy marriage is not just a luxury item, it’s something we should strive for and expect.

Marriage researchers have determined that having a healthy, happy, fulfilling marriage benefits all family members. ” We see that marriage benefits the couple in the marriage but the children as well. We know that people desire to make an impact on this world before they pass.Many find that marriage and family are the best way to pass on personal beliefs and traditions. It is my hope to do the same within my own children, to pass on a long family history of tradition, hard work and determination. References Spencer A.

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