Martin in Alabama. During his arrest King

Martin Luther King Jr.King was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929. Both his father and grandfather had been baptists minitores and therefore faith was very important to him. He was a gifted student and at the age of only 15 he was admitted to morehouse College, where he studied medicine and law. After graduating in 1948, he entered Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. Here he earned a Bachelor Divinity degree and graduated in 1951 as valedictorian. After he enrolled at Boston University to complete his PHD. While in Boston he also met his soon-to-be wife Coretta Scott. They settled in Montgomery, Alabama, where King became pastor of a baptist church.In 1955 a woman named Rosa Park refused to move to the back on a city bus for a white man. On this eve King was chosen to lead a citywide bus boycott. This was a major turning point in the fight of civil rights. People who had been divided into fractions due to their skin colour, was coming together as one. This was when America, the world, saw that something extraordinary was happening. Inspired by Ghandi, King worked with the SCLC to organize civil rights protests. In 1963 he was arrested in Alabama. During his arrest King still kept inspiring people with writing short letters in the margin of news papers. Later known as “Letters from Burmingham jail”. On August 28, 1963, King led a massive demonstration consisting of 20 000 people at the Lincoln Memorial. Here he held his historic speak “I have a dream”. This become a big moment in civil rights history. His work made a big impact on the civil rights act in 1964 and the same year he also won the Nobel Peace price. Martin Luther King was one of the people that had the most influence at this time on the american history. After delivering his speech, “I`v been to the mountains tops” in April,1968, King was shot and died. Today the national day of Martin Luther king continues to be celebrated on January 3 every year.