Matched: Romeo and Juliet and Cassia Essay

Matched By Ally Condie Although it seems that the world is perfect now that that things have been filtered out, is it possible for things to go wrong in the Society? Cassia has just been Matched and its to her best friend, Xander, but she feels an incredibly strong pull to another boy named, Ky. When the Society controls your whole life, can you really oppose them? They choose who you love, wear you work and when you die. It’s not even a thought that will cross your mind to disobey them.

The central issue is that Cassia is Matched to her best friend, Xander but when she goes to look at her chip that contains all of Xander’s past and information she is also shown a different face. Ky Marhams, an Abberation. Someone who cannot be matched because he was faulted for his fathers mistake. Ky and Cassia end up falling in love with each other but they cannot be together because of his status in the society. It kind of reminded me of Romeo and Juliet in a way. Two star crossed lover forbidden to be together because of a huge problem.

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But theirs ended up being his Abberation status. I think this book was very intriguing because the thought of this world being true isn’t really that far fetched from what could happen to us in reality. In the near future we could be controlled so that everything was chose for us based on data. Do I think it will happen? No, because we’ve always stuck to having a president and not a dictatorship. I found the Officials (people who watched the peoples daily lives and took care of things) to quite frankly a bit of an annoyance.

I mean how annoying can it be to have someone watch your whole entire life? There was never any privacy for Cassia. They even invaded her dreams when she slept. I noticed the author doted a lot on the fact that when the Society was made they filtered through our literature. There are now only a 100 songs, books, poems and ect. that can be found. Only those are to be read and listened to. But Cassia and Ky both had poems that were not part of the 100 that were saved for the Society.

They both had attained poems that shouldn’t exist. Ky also knew how to write which was forbidden so that we could not make any new literature. I think the author was trying to show us that our literature and culture is a big deal really, because if we didn’t have the things we did now we’d end up hearing and reading the same things. We’d maybe appreciate them a little better but never the less we’d only have a select few. I’d like to know how this started. How the Society was even made and why?

Were we really so out of control that someone had to take the reins and destroy our old way of living? It makes me wonder if we really do need a more structured way of life but then I think. I wouldn’t want someone to tell me who to love, where to work or when I would die. In fact I’d rebel just like Cassia, because your life being controlled by someone isn’t comforting at all. The Society is really strict and I’d really like to know how that happened. Who were the people that started it and how were they chosen for the job?