Maths three of these subjects are relevant

Maths has always been my strongest subject; I have always been intrigued by its application to life, from choosing the right car insurance quote to the intricacies of NASA sending off their first spacecraft. Once I started A Level studies and was exposed to the different sides of maths, such as statistics and its relevance to Accounting and Finance. I believe I possess the key qualities to thrive while studying Accounting and Finance at a university as I am dedicated, interested and hope to excel while studying the subject I am fond of.

I am currently studying Mathematics at A Levels alongside Business Studies and Media Studies. All three of these subjects are relevant to studying Accounting and Finance as all three require the ability to think outside the box as well as think critically. I have come to the realisation that businesses require complex mathematical decisions which my A Levels have trained me for. Media Studies requires acute analysis which is beneficial to examining financial reports. Business Studies has provided me with fundamental knowledge of how finance works, and the importance of the roles of accountants in a business. Maths has enhanced my mathematical abilities, which is the rudimentary base of Accounting and Finance.

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During my first year of A Levels, I mentored GCSE Maths students for the upcoming mocks and exams as I believe teaching is the best way to learn. Not only did this enhance my own mathematical skills but it also developed my ability to interact with a variety of people. As well as mentoring GCSE Maths students I also tutored my relative with learning difficulties – it was a challenge, but it taught me how to adopt a style of teaching and explaining which can help me with a potential career as an accountant. I believe my experiences will aid me during my course as overcoming several challenges as well as interacting with different kinds of people during group activities are key elements of the course.

Whilst studying for A Levels, I undertook a part-time job at Aston Villa Football Club as a Kiosk Operative and at Wombourne Tandoori Restaurant as a waiter. This allowed me to not only manage my time between studies and work but also provide me with experience that will be required in the university environment. One being communication skills, from working in a fast-paced environment I’m able to adapt myself to different people’s needs. In addition to this point, I had the opportunity to prepare the management accounts and reconcile bank balances at the restaurant which allowed me to get a small insight of what Accounting and Finance is about.

Partaking in the Duke of Edinburgh Award allowed me to develop my leadership, time management and team working skills. During the expedition I took the responsibility of team leader, delegating roles to my team as I lead the group through the expedition which allowed these particular skills to be vastly improved and applicable to my studies as certain modules require group activities. The expedition was extremely difficult especially with the poor weather conditions we were dealt with, but I proved my resilience and ability to take initiative by orienting my team to the end.

Accounting and Finance is a subject I would like to study at a higher level as it is a subject I am highly interested in and hope to pursue a career related to it in the future. I believe that I am the ideal candidate as I possess a variety of skills and some experience in the work they conduct, but hope university will allow me to satisfy my ever-growing curiosities as well as open many doors for me in the future, and give me the chance to prove myself to be a great asset around the campus.