Max weber and karl marx’s explaination Essay

Max Weber and Karl Marx explains the birth of industrial capitalism in two different basics Marks exploitation is more based on materialistic emerge of industrial capitalism which that it is caused by protestant ethics and usage of time and emerging of a new model of class, a working class. In this exploitation protestant ethic made the working class extremely efficient in production as we consider the elements in protestant ethic people are created to work by god and their only duty is to work and waste no time-Protestantism has created the necessary time discipline for industrial ark and perfectly fitted to label that is needed. His way of shaping the society was an enormous effect to speed up the industrial revolution and with its efficiency protestant ethic Made Britain and Europe to develop much faster than the rest of the world. With this new era initiated by industrial revolution workers class had took the place of peasants. Rather than the struggle between peasants and lord , there was a new struggle has begun.

KarI Marx states that protestant ethic was a help for industrial capitalism to grow ,Max Weber states protestant ethic was necessary fort he Roth of industrial capitalism-Max Weber explained capitalism with religion, he says that capitalism has emerged from religious ethics such as Calvinist and with Protestantism, with belief of working for god and the only mission for humankind is to work built up an society willing to work a lot and without a big demand to get for themselves.

With Calvinist which is also a interpretation of Christianity tells that heaven is a place for only chosen few and there is no guarantee for anyone only way to enter heaven is fulfill elisions needs totally , so people should dedicate themselves to hard labor. Also with working hard they should not waste their Money in anything that could be considered for joy which is unnecessary and also sin .

Living a life with hard work and investing the earned Money for more work thus to capital. According to this belief financial success is a way to enter heaven and be saved. With the growth of capital which gained with this ethics produced large businesses that caused capitalism to emerge in whole Europe.