Type of food in America Essay

Unhealthy food menu. 2) Bad working environment. 3) Negative publicity.

4) Invariable food menu. 5) Limited various development from the stable brand image. Opportunities : 1) The giant marketing still can be developed, such as China. 2) Increasing demand for healthier food.

Digital marketing is explosive growth. 4) Changing customer habits and new customer groups. 5) Delivery Servers. Threats . 1) Trend towards healthy eating. 2) Local fast food restaurant chains. 3) Catering industry is becoming more various.

4) New marketing fashion ideas. 5) Eating habits change. In the internal analysis, all the strengths we have can be ignored first, because we don’t need to worry about them first. The weakness part is high possibility impacting McDonalds, especially the unhealthy food menu and the invariable food choices. In the external analysis, threats is mostly impacting McDonald’s uture.And the opportunities are helping its future, also is important to impact McDonald’s. According the SWOT analysis and considered the possibilities above would impact McDonald’s, the first thing we should focus on the healthy food menu.

Due to government and various organizations attempts to fight obesity, people are becoming more conscious of eating healthy food rather than what McDonald’s has to offer in its menu. Basic on internal strength, our strong source of funding, we can use it to develop more healthy food menus, and different type of food not just American style, to fit he market.This way will give us more positive publicity, and attract more customers.

As the local fast food restaurant chains and new marketing fashion ideas are growing up, McDonald’s have to change their style to be various. Fitting the market with the local culture, as McDonald’s is the largest fast food share market in the world, and the brand name is most valuable, people are going to accept it than the others. McDonald’s should exploit the opportunity of home meal delivery servers just like the other fast food restaurant does and increase its reach to customers.