Media Consumption Essay

Matthew Falcione Mr. Holman English 101 September 6, 2012 Modern Personal Media Consumption Modern times of society have differed much from even a decade ago. From the very way we absorb content and communicate to the new aggressive forms of marketing, so much has changed. Ten years ago communication was limited to a simple cell phone call, postal mail, email and only as much as an Instant Message through a very slow 56k internet connection. Today there are endless ways to digest communication and informational content.

It has been so much a drastic change in our everyday lives that losing these certain capabilities, even momentarily can easily put a damper on someone’s work and personal life. Each and every day we utilize the internet for many resources to allow us to live much more efficiently than in the past. Media consumption is now at an all-time high in society, many hours each day are utilized gathering information or communicating to easier achieve our needs. There are many methods to absorbing content; personally I use about 12 each day alone. The first and most notable is Facebook.

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Facebook which was not existent in 2002 is now the largest social media resource in the world, and amongst the top internet sites with more than 850 million users. I usually begin each day by waking up and checking Facebook for amusing or informational content or whether it be updating the people in my social group to my day’s upcoming activities or connecting with an old friend. All in all I would estimate that I use Facebook for about a total of 2 hours a day and during this time the content I view is mostly relevant to the new events in my friend’s lives and at times news and ads.

Another form of social media similar to Facebook which I also utilize daily is Twitter. Twitter unlike Facebook is more like short parts of social content, where you are mostly reading very small status updates and some news. However Twitter seems to lack nearly the large capacity of ad space that Facebook does and is less user friendly. While using Twitter I am also able to connect with celebrities or companies of my choosing, something Facebook offers as well, however personally I choose to use Twitter only on the mobile platform and very seldomly around maybe 20 minutes a day to specifically read tweets from different users.

Another form of media I consume daily is CNN, NBC news, and ABC news. These are all obviously news outlets, but much different than even the news content that Twitter or Facebook offer. These news outlets offer more in depth, detailed information than what is usually found on social media sites and has a larger array of news subjects that can include economics and even entertainment news. These forms of media are purely informational and can offer lengthy articles; overall it is easy to spend an hour a day through all these news media outlets.

A very unique form of media that I utilize quite frequently each week is Pandora radio. Pandora radio as well was not around about a decade ago and has millions of daily users. Pandora radio offers a music content service free of charge which allows you to stream music from their website based off of your music preferences. Music is easily one of the biggest forms of consumable media in existence. Each day we all listen to music, whether by choice or due to our surrounding environment, this easily makes Pandora radio a top notch content media site.

In any given day I spend close to 3 hours streaming music from Pandora, while writing papers such as this one or doing household chores. Although Pandora radio frequently streams ads in between songs it becomes tolerable due to the short length of the ads and the content it delivers, it can be very easily seen as a great form of marketing for people whom enjoy music and can easily target proper demographic through different music genre. A newer more unique form of social media that I consume daily is Instagram.

Instagram unlike Facebook and Twitter is unique in a sense that it allows only mobile users through its mobile application but as well is comprised of solely photo updates. Instagram for me is very addicting because it offers the ability to take photos, edit, and tag and upload them all to a feed in which your friends can view and comment or “like”. A picture is worth a thousand words and expresses more than a simple status update from the likes of the other social media sites. Instagram is very habit forming for me; I can easily say that I spend close to 2 hours a day utilizing this social media service.

Although Instagram is simple content it does not have any confusing links and no ad space! YouTube is another form of media I consume. Although I do not use this site daily, it proves to be very entertaining to watch short comedy skits, documentaries or as well news content. YouTube is another form of media that was not available a decade ago in 2002 and offers a very diverse content structure that ranges from personal, home videos to small mini sitcom series and as well corporate media. I mostly utilize YouTube a few times a week for the comedy and documentary content that it offers, and sometimes DIY videos.

Because the content on YouTube are videos it is very easy to burn time and spend many hours watching videos, I may estimate to personally spend close to 10 hours a week watching content on YouTube, all of which displays advertisements before each video, usually not targeted to any specific demographic however. A newer form of content I digest each day is my Mint personal finance application through my cell phone. This application is convenient as it offers the ability to synchronize all of your personal finance accounts into one page to easily view your assets and overall cash flow.

The Mint personal finance application proves useful to anyone who has a need to constantly monitor their finances, all without ads! This application is essential to my spending habits and offers very informational content that is dire to my day to day life. With that said I can easily estimate that I spend an average of 30 minutes a day with this app, not bad for a college kid. And of course one of the most widely used forms of consumable media is my e-mail. The e-mail service I choose to utilize is Hotmail and Gmail and Yahoo.

Like most internet users these days I use multiple email accounts as I’ve acquired a few over the years since I started using these services. With e-mail it can be frustrating at times due to the mass loads of spam mail you can receive each day (more than 90% of emails sent daily are spam), due to this I utilize these services simply for document transfer and newsletters from companies. Usually any personal messages I choose to send are done through Facebook, as this can prove to be more efficient due to the large amount of time each of us spend on Facebook daily.

As well recently it has been apparent to me that my e-mail has been hacked many more times than my Facebook, and I have no desire to sort through loads of spam mail to find any personal messages I may receive, however at times I am forced to do this. All in all between each of the three email accounts I have registered I may spend no more than an hour a week checking my emails, with the exception of Iup. As you’re probably figured, I only use these e-mail accounts when I have no other options.