The by the drama centre in our soap

The way our storyline fitted with soap storylines is because the storylines we used in our soap are similar to what soap storylines would use. In our soap we had drugs, affairs, drug dealers who’s supplying drugs to a school child and an adoption which comes back to the mother 20 years later. Soap storylines often use these events to create tension and a good theme to entertain viewers and keep them thinking and making sure they watch the next episode.

Thinking about the kinds of characters in soap operas there are normally different types for example usually in soaps there is a hard man, prostitute, “slapper”, the town joker, criminal and the local idiot. So our characters did fit in with the way you would normally find characters in soaps for example in our soap we had criminals, dodgy police officer and a male cheating on his wife. So typically soaps normally use these kinds of subjects to keep viewers interested. There are stereotypes in our soap there are teenagers people taking drugs and teenagers stealing money from shops.

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Our soap opera would appeal to people of all types and ages because everyone can relate to the issues or understand the subjects in the soap. During the time the viewers are watching the soap opera they may feel that they are part of the programme or part of the subject involved by the way the cameras positioning of the shot in place it can make the audience feel part of the show. We have tried to make this soap opera appeal to all types of people and ages by because the viewers can sympathise with the characters about what is happening to them during the programme and the way they are dealing with the situation.

So some people may find they kind of have a relationship with these people even though it is just a soap opera, but the way the soaps subjects are made up they are so believable and some viewers may relate to them for example if there was a storyline were a women has been rapped I’m sure some viewers watching the soap at this time would be able to understand and no how to feel towards the character which would make them feel as if they are part of the soap.

In real soap operas are mostly in cafi?? , bar, market square and town for example in Eastenders the queen Vic is created to look realistic because that is like one of the main places in the soap. We created the sets by using props, which were all supplied by the drama centre in our soap we were able to create a living room were we used a dinning table, decorative features like purple covers to create a background, plates, knifes and forks and chairs everything we needed to create a living room.

There was a police station were we had to create an interrogation room the room didn’t have to be very decorative it could be very plain so all we had is tables and chairs and that’s about it for the interrogation room. We also had school nurses offices, the main focus in this scene was to focus on the nurse so all we had to use is 1 table, 1 chair and a few papers on the table we only had to use them three objects to perform this scene to the best of our ability.

There was a bar scene so we needed a lot of extras in this scene we used a bar with pumps making it look realistic, we had tables scattered around the set floor we also had decorative features to make the public house look realistic. I think the way we created these sets were the best of our ability, which made the sets look realistic for our soap. In our production long shots, close up shots and middle shots were used.

For example there was a long shot in the living room scene, there was a close up in the interrogation room scene and a middle shot in the pub scene just showing the waist up. The technical job I had to do is to be a vision mixer, which was an important job I controlled what was on the final piece of the soap. (What would be on the video) I controlled what the cameras were recording, letting the floor manager no when I was ready and when we are starting to get ready for recording.

Long shots close up shots and middle shots were used because it often helped the audience feel part of what’s going on in the soap the issues and subjects. The messages that were given out in our soap were to not to steal because its just wrong and you wouldn’t get away with it, not to take drugs especially not to supply them to school children, not to cheat on your partner because you will get found out and its wrong. These are some of the issues that came apparent in our soap and the messages just proving the point that drugs, cheating, stealing are all wrong things to do in life.