Media’s Strategic Marketing through Advertising and Its Influence on Young People and Businesses Essay

Media make billions of dollars yearly by marketing mass communication to large audiences globally, influencing business by the purchases made as a result of advertising such as television, websites, magazines and social media. Advertising can have wide ranging influences in culture, especially for young people. INFULENCES THAT AFFECT YOUTH In particular, the promotion of fashion and sports have greatly influenced youth and the purchases they make.

These advertising techniques that are promoting fashion and sports influence the youth through many different methods. Fashion. Fashion is a worldwide phenomenon that promotes new trends and styles. The way youth perceive themselves come from these businesses’ advertising techniques. What they see acceptable in society is based on what images media has imposed on them. Celebrities have the greatest influence on youth around the world, and they impact a lot of youths’ ideas about fashion and its importance.

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For example, having a favorite celebrity, such as Justin Bieber, promote his own line of perfume “Girlfriend” contributes to the newest youth trends. Not only are youth making a fashion statement by using this brand, they also affect the profitability of the product line by motivating the youth to buy the product. In this case, not only did the brand sell one bottle of perfume per minute, but sales increased 132% in the last year (“Aguilera”). Clothing.

Clothing is also an important component of fashion in the youth today. Celebrities’ individual fashion statements may affect youth and their decisions on what they should wear. Most youth look to celebrities for their fashion ideas and they have a tendency to mimic their celebrity idols from what they see. We copy these celebrities’ fashion trends by paying attention to advertisements. For example, Mary Kate and Ashley, well-known actors produced their own clothing lines called “Row” and “Elisabeth and James”.

They promoted these clothing lines through billboards, on websites, and in magazines. Because Mary Kate and Ashley were so popular, when they promoted their clothing to youth, it was an immediate seller. Their sales annually produce about 10 to 12 million dollars (“Lepore”). Sports. Like fashion, sports is another area that, when marketed, strongly influences youth in their buying behavior. Sports have become a growing childhood pastime, helping develop confidence, and self-esteem and contributing to making new friends.

Sports tend to receive a great deal of attention through different aspects of media, such as websites, magazines, and social media. Studies show “that endorsement strategies generally lead to increase sales for focal brands, both in absolute terms and relative to their competitors,” (“Tim Hortons”). For example; Sidney Crosby’s contract with Tim Hortons motivates youth to frequently visit Tim Hortons and has increased sales tremendously. He is an “ideal ambassador for Timbits Hockey,” (“Tim Hortons”) says the Director of Regional Marketing and Hockey Development.

Sidney stimulates the youth with his “positive attitude and fun approach while still being grounded in family and community. ” (“Tim Hortons”) Having this young NHL hockey star representing Timbits Hockey promotes Tim Horton sponsorship and contribution to Timbits Minor Sports programs through advertising such as commercials and posters. Increasing marketing through Sidney Crosby helps increase awareness of Tim Hortons brand as a cake and bake shop destination. Tim Hortons sales have increased, ultimately enriching the brand’s social and commercial capital.

CONCLUSION Media’s strategic marketing through advertising, whether it be among celebrities, such as Justin Bieber promoting his own line, or through advertising, such as Sydney Crosby endorsing Tim Hortons, has become both a major influence on youth and on businesses. In some way, all marketing affects the way the youth perceive things. The way youth perceive fashion and sports through media aspects influence their everyday lives including their purchases made. This not only has an impact on their lives but also on the business whose products they purchase.