Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized Essay

Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized Melinda W. Knowles COM 220 January 31, 2010 Dr. Kim Capehart Medical Marijuana Should Be Legalized Despite these considerations, the United States government is reluctant to legalize marijuana for medical use. Even though marijuana is an illegal substance and considered by many to be a gateway drug, it should be legalized for medical purposes because it is proven to be more effective than prescription drugs in the treatment of many serious medical conditions with no adverse side effects.

and cocaine and its presumed popularity among the growing Mexican American population made it an easy target.President Obama’s softening of the policy on medical marijuana points the way for a revision of the drug policy that has been failing for many years. The heavily-funded War on Drugs took priority over the pursuit of those individuals involved in white-collar crime, and this neglect by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies led to an economic meltdown of disastrous proportions, and have revealed “the catastrophic ravages that such crimes and unregulated dealing have already inflicted on American society” (Seiff, 2009, para. ). Obama’s decision to move law enforcement resources from crackdowns on less harmful drugs such as marijuana that can be used for medical purposes is a good place to start. {draw:frame} Note. From www.

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/6544, 2009. Many significant medical benefits are associated with marijuana that far outweighs any potential harm.Marijuana has been successful in controlling pain and spascity in many chronic medical conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, paraplegia, and quadriplegia and equally successful as a means of overcoming the nausea and vomiting that result from chemotherapy as Marijuana is both less costly and less toxic than its legal prescription alternatives, and in most cases is more effective as well. The American Medical Association (AMA), which has held the opinion since 1997 that marijuana should remain a Schedule I controlled substance, has reversed their opinion and is encouraging the federal government to reclassify the rug and is calling for more research, hoping to clear the way to develop cannabis-based medicines and alternative methods of delivery (Rosenthal, November 2009).

Another major physicians’’ organization, the American College of Physicians, is calling for a reconsideration of marijuana’s status as a Schedule I drug as well as for a scientific evaluation of the possible benefits of the use of medical marijuana therapeutically. Many people believe that it is morally wrong to deny sick and suffering people access to a drug that, if legalized, could help them.Adults have the right to make their own decisions regarding medical treatment, and many adults, if given that right, would chose marijuana above prescription drugs to relieve their pain and suffering. {draw:frame} _Figure 2. _All in Favor of the Medical Marijuana Bill Say “Aye. ” Marijuana is a naturally-occurring substance, a drug which, if legalized, would ease the pain and suffering of many who are chronically ill.

Its criminalization has led to a form of social oppression here in the United States, and has cost millions upon millions of wasted government resources.Our government, in a mistaken attempt at control, has criminalized the very drug that could treat many chronic conditions at far less expense and with far fewer side effects that the prescription alternatives. This is morally wrong, and judgmental in a way that in injurious to many.

At the end of the day, adults should have the right to decide what their best treatment alternative should be without fear of discrimination or prosecution. References MSNmoney (2009). Medical marijuana, inc. ecures land for medical cannabis research & development. MSNmoney, December 11, 2009.

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