Melaka Heritage City Essay

Introduction to Project The awareness of craft product in Malaysia has increased from time to time and promotions crafts has been increased but many of the people do not get the right information about the programs held craft as most program craft fares will be held in Malacca because there are a lot of involvement in Malacca and many unique crafts in Malacca featured, rich with custom Malacca procreation is a world heritage that one of the state bring in all sorts of unique and interesting craft.

Many shops, stockiest craft, craft kiosks that are less known by the public especially by tourists no matter whether from within the state, outside the state. Therefore crafting online services in developed for people easily to make an overview of the various types of crafts available in the world heritage state. By introducing this craft items they are able to introduce the heritage and history of the Malacca especially, and Malaysia generally.

This is because there are many craft programs developed in the Malacca including Craft Education Program 1 Malaysia Melaka Branch on August 30 last had launched. Malacca Craft targeting higher sales however not all people get the proper info like the type of craft products promoted, certain individuals or agencies that captures craft with the craft Melaka. Hence with the availability of online services for Malacca heritage crafting this city people and tourists can learn about the various activities held at Malacca crafts and a variety of interesting type of goods craft sold here.

Online Crafting is more focused service in Malacca because Malacca is the state which is always filled with foreigner and tourist . Refer from Melaka Tourism Promotion Division, a total of 12. 17 million domestic and foreign tourists have come visit to Melaka during the year 2011. Total enrollment has increase Malacca economic. Handicraft shop also features a young child as young entrepreneurs. Shops selling various handicraft products have always been among the tourist spots. Therefore crafting online services can boost the business after conducted online advertisement.