Mental Health Workout Log FLVS Essay

Reflections: (worth 20 points)

1. Did your workouts impact your stress level? Why or why not? Yes because if I have any pent up anger or stress, I just take it out while I’m exercising. It helps get my mind off things and focus on a single task or activity; therefore I don’t worry about whatever I’m stressed out about. It definitely helps me breathe so to speak and take a step back from the situation. Not only that, but participating with friends makes me laugh and smile more, and laughter is always the best medicine.

2. What additional activities could you include in your workout routine to improve your stress level? Listening to music that is upbeat and happy, or relaxing. My sister also likes to read when she runs on the treadmill, and I’d like to try that sometimes.

3. Do you believe your workouts impact your self-image? Why or why not? Yes because it makes you believe you are making a difference, and that your hard work is paying off. It makes you feel better about yourself because you know that you are responsible for looking as good as you do.

4. Does meeting or exceeding your goals impact your self-image? Why or why not? Yes, it is like I just said above. You know that you are responsible for getting the results. You feel a sense of satisfaction and success when you achieve your goal because all of your sweat and exercise paid off in the end.

5. Search the web to identify a motivational quote that inspires you to maintain or strengthen your self-image. Include the quote and the source of your quote. Why will this quote help you with your self-image? “It hurts now, but one day it’ll be your warm up.”-Anonymous (I found it on Google Images) I like this quote because it’s totally true. Even if something is ridiculously hard or challenging, I give my best because I know that it’ll help me improve my image and health. It reminds me that nothing is impossible, and as long as I’m dedicated I can overcome the obstacle. Fitness Test Comparison: (worth 20 points)

1. Repeat the body composition fitness test from the Getting Started lesson.

2. Compare your original body composition result (body mass index or BMI) with your current body composition result (body mass index or BMI). Write out your original score and status, along with your current score and status. Original score 22.37 Current score 22.29

3. Did your results improve? Why or why not?
Yes, but only slightly so. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, and I didn’t grow that much either. I’ve more or less been consistent with my fitness levels.