2. metal tiles. Metal tiles shall be

2. Relevant Process/Specification:

As per Contract specifications

3. Tools/Equipment Required:

As specified by the subcontractor.

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4. Procedure / Method:

Check and ensue that the area to be finished with false ceiling is approved by the client and it is as per approved drawing.

Confirm that approved materials are procured and the quantity is enough to complete the work, without interruptions.

Line marks the grids for the supports of primary suspension as per the approved drawings on the soffit of the slab.

Primary suspension shall be hanged by the use of adjustable clips, which are used to adjust the level of primary suspension as per the level, given in the drawing. The adjustable clips shall be fixed on the roof soffit with nails.

Secondary suspension shall be clamped with primary suspension at correct distance to support the metal tiles perimeter angle shall be fixed at the perimeters of the room where the false ceiling ends.

Aluminum foiled rock wool insulation shall be inserted inside the metal tiles.

Metal tiles shall be clipped inside the secondary suspension to obtain leveled, finished false ceiling surface. Care shall be taken while installing the tile to avoid paint and edge damages.

The finished false ceiling shall be inspected by the client. If any rectification is required it shall be completed and inspected again.