2. from one side (Two way) and

2. Responsibilities:

The Civil Engineer, Foreman and the safety officer are responsibilities execution of work and for implementing safety measures on site.

Inspection and testing activities shall be controlled by the QC Engineer.

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3. Plant and Equipments:

Transit Mixers, Air Compressor, Mechanical Vibrator, Plate Compactor, tools, Wheel Barrow, Pneumatic Grinder, and Jack Hammers.

4. Relevant Process / Specifications:

Contract Scope of work (Clause 2.3, Page 9 and 10 of Part I Section) IOC Specifications for Civil Engineering and Building Works

5. Procedure:


Prior to commencement of all Construction activities, necessary work permit shall be obtained.

All materials required for the execution of work shall be approved by IOC prior to the procurement.

The work shall be carried out in such a mailer that the vehicle access to the tanks shall only from one side (Two way) and to discussed and mutually agreed with IOC Authorities prior to execution of the job.

Joint inspection between Granite and IOC representative to carried out to identify the settled areas of the access road to repair and to be mutually agreed upon.

Execution Procedure:

Check for the presence of any services on location and if required to be temporally relocated to the satisfaction of IOC.

Cut and remove the existing top wearing course at the settled are of the access road. The sides shall be carefully saw cut.

Excavate to the required width and depth (Top of sub grade level and remove the sub base soil.

The excavated sub base material to be reused for backfilling and to be stacked separately and the surplus materials and top wear course shall be disposed of to the approved dumping area.

The sub grade top level shall be well compacted with roll compactor and wherever required the sub grade soil shall be replaced with batch material. The area to be compacted to 95% of the maximum dry density

Compaction tests shall be taken on the compacted sub grade on upon receipt of approvals from Client, activities for lying of 1: mm thick imported approved sub base material shall be commencing Compaction test for every 100 sqm shall be carried out.

Provide 18 mm wide expansion joint between the new 200 thick concrete paving and the existing road and sides of Edge before paving. The joints shall be filled with 18 mm flex cell board.

Place two layers of epoxy coated reinforcement mesh A393 compliance with Clause 2.3.5 of IOC Scope of Work for reinstate the road by 200 thick C40 grade concrete. (1000 gauge) polythene sheet shall be layer prior to fixing of reinforcement mesh. After completion of the concrete the surface shall be covered with Polythene sheet and wet hessian cloth on top to avoid moisture loss.

The concrete level shall be adjusted to allow 5 mm thick Cicol ET Slurry top coat and to be finished to match the top level of the existing road.

Provide 5 mm thick layer of heavy duty anti-skid sud Cicol ET Slurry and to be laid as per manufacture’s recommendation. (Attached data Sheet of M/s. Fosroc CICOL ET Slurry)

Bond Breaker strip shall be inserted into the joint between concrete and existing road to prevent sealing Compound to the flex cell board.

Fill the joints Sealant with Nitoseal 220 as per manufacture’s Instruction.

The joint filler must be reinstated and sealant (Nitoseal 2 provided at the existing expansion joints on the concrete embankment slopes and the road sections repaired.

Clear the work site of all excess materials and debris.

Open the road for vehicular traffic.