Prior to the commencement of

2. Relevant process/specification:

Corporate work instruction

3. Definitions:

Company: M/s. IOC

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Contractor: Indian Construction Company Project: Fire Training ground

4. Procedure:

(i) Prior to the commencement of all construction activities, necessary work permits shall be obtained.

(ii) All HSE activities related to the project will be based on the company issued HSE Management System guidelines.

(iii) All quality assurance and quality control activities will be in line with the specified requirements of the contract.

5. Work Procedure:

(i) All necessary requirements shall be arranged and duly inspected by Safety Officer.

(ii) Trial pits/pilot trenches shall be made to locate the underground services passing through the area.

(iii) Trial pit excavation should be carried out with hand tools. During the excavation, if there are any underground services found, it should bring to the notice of the Client supervisor immediately.

(iv) Excavated material shall be shifted and stockpiled in approved locations for reuse the same for backfilling.

(v) Any water encountered during excavation necessary dewatering arrangement shall be made.

(vi) Ensure that all the steps carried out in a safest manner and in the presence of a Safety Officer.

(vii) The site shall be kept neat and tidy by adopting proper housekeeping method on a day to day basis.