Mi first day at High School Essay

My first day at High School!
I still remember the day when everything was completely new for me, that was my first day at high school. I missed all my old friends and partners whether they were nice or rude to me. I was praying to God if I could see any of those old faces. However, I felt excited and at he same time I was very nervous because I did not know any person there. Also, I didn’t know how to arrive to my classroom and as I was lost I had to ask one of the other students about where we were going to have classes. Fortunately, this person told me the right direction, but when I was there I found myself surrounded by many new people. I approached to one girl and we discovered we were going to be in the same group so I introduced myself and she also did it, her name was Gisell. We entered the classroom and the time to start classes began.

At first all our classmates were quiet, nobody talked. The teacher started the class and after that we introduced ourselves. Then I saw my other classmates and I looked at two boys who were Aaron and Alexis. We talked to each other and we want to know more, that’s why we spent the rest of the day together until we had to go home. I am going to remember that day for the rest of my life because I had the opportunity to meet new people and the most important, I met my dear best friends, who never left me alone in spite of the fact that today we are separated because of our studies.

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