Background on the computer which he can project

Background detail Mr Fitzpatrick has taught me rugby in the past and he likes to keep his players fit. This is so he can get the best possible potential out of the players he teaches, as in the past some teams have not been as fit as they should have been by relaxing over the holidays and not doing much fitness as asked. In the holidays he says we must keep fit and usually prints off fitness sheets to give to us. But I am going to aid him in this matter by making a fitness plan on the computer which he can project onto a screen which players can sit and watch what they are suppose to be aiming at over the holidays.

I think this will aid him in his quest to have physically fit players on his squad. Statement of problem I intend to create a computer based project to help sports teachers introduce a fitness plan so that rugby players will be able too see what they need to be aiming for over the holidays and also to introduce the game of rugby to new players to the game presentation projected out. By using a computer based project this will be a lot quicker then having a discussion therefore saving time.

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Players must also take attention to this as it will stick in their mind for quite a long time as it is presented in the way they like instead of having handouts so they will not be interested in reading them. Alternative solutions discussed The fitness plan could be typed out on Microsoft word and handed to all the players as a document to read, but this would take more time than required and would also cost money in paper and ink. This sheet could also be lost before the player has read it meaning that it has served no purpose because the player has not read it.

The plan could also be done on Microsoft excel as a spreadsheet but again as with word that will take up too much time and cost money in ink and paper. We could also use other software such as lotus smart suite and type the plan up on paper, which would create the same problems as using Microsoft word. Justification of chosen method I am choosing Microsoft PowerPoint to do my project because it is a lot simpler to use and I think and it will be more exciting than just using word and typing things out.

Because with using Microsoft powerpoint you have to add colours to the project and use your brain a lot more then if you are just using Microsoft word therefore making it a lot more challenging and having more fun while you work. It will also be a lot more challenging than just using word as well because I have to put hyperlinks and pictures and coloured backgrounds in as well. Microsoft PowerPoint is not new to me because I have used it for projects in the past but if I used front page or publisher I wouldn’t know what I am doing because I haven’t properly used them before.

User requirements specified (objectives) 1. Colourful designs 2. At least one picture on each slide 3. At least two diets added to the project 4. Motion pictures if possible to show how some exercises are done 5. At least two fitness plans added 6. Slides on teaching new players the basics of the game 7. Videos showing plays and moves which could be recorded and used in match situations 8. Protective clothing that could be worn in matches should appear on a slide 9. Hymers playing rugby on opening page with introduction to the presentation.

10. A brief slide on what all the players should be looking to work on in their game. Appropriate software identified Windows 98 Microsoft office 2000 o Presentation software Appropriate hardware identified Pentium 4. 16 gigahertz 1xlaser colour printer (this is needed because some slides use pictures that are in colour) 1xblack and white Samsung printer for printing off typed coursework 1xcompact disk drive A usually pc with keyboard, mouse, floppy drive and compact disk drive Data collection and input explained.