Migraine, a disease whose patients are increasingly growing around the world. It is also growing in our country. The biggest reason is the life of Bhagdaur. There is plenty of stress, but we do not have any solutions to get rid of it. All these reasons gradually change in the form of migraine.

 It is believed that as soon as you reach the most stress-filled environment with normal conditions, your headache increases first. Blood pressure starts to become high and if these conditions persist in front of you, then you are becoming a victim of migraine.Headache is everyone’s heart. It is a disease that can cause many causes. Many times it seems like they have become victims of unnecessary headache. A serious form of headache, which is repeated or frequent, is called migraine. Migraine is also known as colloquial in the language of colloquial language.

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 Symptoms of migraineusually occur in the half of the head when it is preyed. Whereas half is free of pain. The man in the pain in which the pain hurts, man is so troubled that the head forgets the rest of the body. Migraine is basically a neurological problem.

There is a lot of prick pain on one side in the head while living in it. It lasts from a few hours to three days. It can also cause problems like gastastic, gizzard and vomiting along with headache. Apart from this, problems with photophobia, ie light and phonophobia, are also very common with noise. One third of the people troubled by migraine are already feeling this in their jadis. You may also get a migraine complaint for some small reasons like not having enough sleep, hunger stomach and not drinking enough water.Migrainecan cause many migrations due to migraine.

There are some conditions on one side and there are some diseases on the other side. Most people have migraine problems due to emotional reasons. That is why people who have high or low blood pressure, blood sugar and stress related problems are more likely to suffer from migraine. Many times it becomes migraine only for these reasons. Apart from this, hangover, any kind of infection and the accumulation of toxic elements in the body can also be the reason for this.Migraines can also be caused by allergies, and different people may have different causes of allergies. Eating and drinking things for some people also cause allergic reactions.

Some people are allergic to eating milk and those made from it, so for some, greens and vegetables may be the cause of allergy. If someone is allergic to dust then someone with smoke. So if you know what you are allergic to, then avoid them. PAGE_BREAK How to Avoid Migraine …Now Let’s Tell You How to Avoid Migraine By the way, this disease can happen to anyone but some people have a higher risk.

Even with some caution, you can keep the disease away from yourself.It is not that migraine is incurable disease. If you are troubled with migraine and you have no sense, keep in mind.

A little caution can help you get rid of migraine. The most important thing is to change your life style. Make a change in the catering.

 PAGE_BREAK Do not eat in migraineif you have migraine, you should not consume canned foods and junk food immediately. This will make your migraine more dangerous. Since junk food is of high quantity of flour, therefore eat it at least. Since these chemical substances are found that can increase the migraine. The question is, what to eat in migraine. What to eat in migraineIf you have migraine, then take plenty of fresh and dried fruits in breakfast. Use those things in the luncheon that are rich in protein.

For example, milk, curd, cheese, pulses, meat and fish etc. In the dinner, take salad with starch-like things like broth bread, rice or potato. Avoid more chilly-spiced things.

 PAGE_BREAK Getting rid ofmigraine is the true drug of migraine. Yoga and meditation If you can not do yoga then exercise. This will reduce your stress. And less stress will remove your depression. But keep in mind that the place you are yoga should not be light with bright, bright sunlight, sharp odor.

Simultaneously patients with migraine should take good sleep.Apart from this, whenever you feel such pain, do not take any painkillers from your mind. Rather tell a good neurologist about this and follow the instructions given by him.