Millions the whole world for the commercial

Millions of
animals are utilized annually in the whole world for the commercial and
scientific experiments.  Specifically,
animals are exploited to create medical therapies, recognize the toxicity of
drugs and verify the wellbeing of products that are meant for people as well as
healthcare purposes.  The research on
living things has been practiced since 500BC although debates have been raised
concerning the ethical uses of animals in experiments (Marshall and
Rowan, 2017, p. 12).    The majority of animals used in biomedical
studies act like models for human illness although they have been utilized in
addiction and behavioural testing. Additionally, animals are utilized in
product development, agricultural, space, military, and science education.  The proponents of animal research state that
such experiments have enabled the discovery of several life-saving medications
for both animals and humans hence no alternative technique for studying a
complete living thing (Davies , 2015, p.

19).  On the other hand, the opponents of animal
use refer the act as inhumane and cruel thus suggesting substitute methods that
do not harm living organisms.