Mind Of A Terrorist Essay

The significant part of terrorism through the classification of lone wolf operatives creates a fear amongst civilian populations as to when and where the next suicide bomber will appear. The Koran prohibits suicide, but some Muslim groups insist that by classifying the bombers as martyrs, their self-destruction becomes permissible because it is a form of self-sacrifice, and it is honorable to die in battle against infidels (Shakers, 2010). The core characteristics and significance use of operatives is apparent after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centers and the destruction of the LLC.

S. Economy by these attacks. “While suicide is associated with hopelessness and depression, the actions of the bombers are seen as a matter of heroism and honor” (Forum, 2003). This lone wolf mentality showed the United States that their security measures were lacking in stopping their goal of boarding aircraft and creating such destruction and mayhem. Bin Alden’s goal was to show the Muslim Nation hat the United States could be attacked and U. S. Actions in response would prove its weakness as a Nation.

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Suicide terrorists are highly effective, lethal in their objectives and are less likely to be tracked and caught as compared to a larger scale of terrorist operations. The difference between the religious and secular terrorism is that religious ideologies will stop at nothing to obtain their goals and agenda. Secular terrorist are committed to a change in policy or government positions on religion and will usually keep to a certain agenda Han spreading their agenda to other areas not associated with their needs.

Countermeasures to breaking the divide with religious and secular type of terrorist is keeping the government out of religious policies and changing the belief system and religious laws that is in place with certain Countries. By doing so, their Shari law (legal system based on Islam), is better managed with less turmoil. To gain this separation, reforms need to take place. However, “the word reform in the context of Islam carries a negative connotation.

Likewise, secularism is popularly defined as “irreligious)d’ as opposed to religious neutrality” (Stratford 201 1). If the government can be neutral in its religious understanding, no matter what cleric is in charge, then there is less chance of violence uprising. In referring to old media concepts, it is based on the slow process of a media source gaining a story and the long process of it coming to the forefront to the interest of those reading about it. Terrorist realized the importance of using media as a tool and its manipulation with the reader.

Some have waited until the arrival Of a media news source to finish their process of hostage taking or moving people to another location. The media of today is vastly different than the old media of yesterday. With the arrival of the internet, it is much quicker to post news, instructions and videos of terrorist activities. Also, some terrorist organizations now have their own established media sites. The use of the internet allows terrorist to get the message out quickly and is void of any censoring from the government. Using ‘old” communications, vital information could take weeks before it reached us… With the arrival of the new media and in particular, the Internet, this whole process might take just a few hours” (Hoffman, 2006). In summation, the mindset of a terrorist is that Of his ideological belief to follow a Structure of political or religious retaliation for the purpose of an established agenda. From the early onset of terrorism against the United States until the present day rise with the ISIS terrorist group, their belief and following has grown and become stronger.