MineralsThe an unpredictable and dangerous type of heat

MineralsThe magma and volcanic ash erupting from an active volcano is extremely rich in minerals. Some minerals are: tin, sulphur, borax, sulphur, silver, gold, copper, and even diamonds. Lead and zinc are also related to rocks found beneath extinct volcanoes. The surroundings of a volcano are therefore perfect mining grounds. Sulphur is known to be sold by locals when solidified. The mining and selling of these rich and valuable minerals bring a lot of work and give jobs to locals, an important advantage to living near volcanoes.Fertile soilThese minerals present in volcanic rocks are extremely beneficial to plants. However new rocks are difficult to extract these minerals from. The rock needs thousands of years to become weathered and broken down to form rich and fertile soils. The African Rift Valley, Mt Elgon in Uganda, and the slopes of Vesuvius in Italy are examples of places which a high concentration of broken-down volcanic rock and ash. Geothermal energyThe official definition of geothermal energy is ‘heat energy from the earth.’ Geothermal energy is a cheap form of energy and is created by water running through the Earth’s crust and heated by volcanic rock close to a plate margin. The hot water emerges like a hot water fountain and can be used to heat houses, factories and business buildings. However, since it is an unpredictable and dangerous type of heat energy, houses are never built on top of steam vents. The underground heat, is in the form of steam and used to drive turbines, generate electricity, and heat water supplies. TourismThere are very little things that are more impressive than seeing a live volcanic eruption. Even at times where the volcano is dormant, there are things to see and do around. There are bathing lakes, hot springs, bubbling mud pools, steam vents created by geothermal energy, and geysers. Iceland is known to be a touristic place for its volcanoes and glaciers, so close to each-other. Tourism creates many jobs for locals: shops, restaurants, hotels, tourist centers, national parks, etc… Volcanism is an ongoing profit, whereas skiing or surfing is seasonal. ¬†Examples of successful touristic volcanic areas are the Yellowstone National Park with its supervolcano Old Faithful, and Uganda, with Mount Elgon.