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Mirror neurons are a group of nerve cells that become activated, whenever an action is conducted, or when an action is observed. It has to be noted, that those neurons have been discovered in the brains of monkeys as well as in humans.

It is believed, that they can enable an individual to almost instantly recognize the intentions of another person. However, when it comes to humans the mirror neurons may possibly be also responsible for the ability to recognize other’s emotions and intentions that are expressed not verbally. That is essentially why the research in humans is more complicated the research monkeys. There are many ethical concerns, regarding the methods that were used. It was possible to observe this phenomenon in monkeys due to the implanted electrodes, however, when it comes to humans, this surgical method could not be implemented. Because of the fact that it is impossible to observe single neurons in the human brain, the results are not fully known and accepted by everyone.    Nowadays the research in humans concerning the mirror neurons is still a matter under a dispute. Many scientists have different theories, some are concerned about the ethics, some are skeptic about the accuracy of this discovery, and some simply believe that much more studies need to be conducted.

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However, the possibilities regarding the investigation of mirror neurons are limited, as there aren’t many ways discovered yet, to explore this phenomenon. If that were to happen, it would enable the scientists to find an explanation and the meaning everyone is looking for. It is why there is no final definition or a common explanation on this subject.     Mirror neurons are regarded as vital when it comes to understanding how and even why we understand other people’s behavior. It is believed that they could also help us in predicting behavior, which means starting to understand others intentions and why do they do things.

and why do they behave in such manner. This ability could also fully explain the language-forming that is believed to have something in common with the neurons. Also, further research could confirm, if the ability to recognize others behavior has anything to do with the survival of organisms.

     Mirror neurons also play a major role when it comes to autism research. It has been said,  that as people suffering from autism have trouble when it comes to understanding people’s minds, they may lack the mirror neurons. However, this assumption may be wrong, as many research studies have shown the exact possible, mainly, that people with autism are fully capable of understanding actions of others.

Although another hypothesis is that there may be something wrong with the mirror neurons in the brains of individuals who suffer from autism because in their childhood they don’t show imitative behavior, typical for kids. Considering all above factors, more research about autism and its connection to mirror neurons has to be conducted and reviewed, as there may be a connection that has not yet been discovered but may help many people.