Misjudging: Need to Know and Worth Reading Essay

We think that it wouldn’t be woo Roth reading because the outside doesn’t look as cool and as popular as certain to her books.

As soon as you read it, however, you found out you were wrong. It was probably one of the best books you have ever read. Most of the time people judge when they don’t have e the whole Story. We judge someone because they kick different and don’t have the Sam appearance as we are accustomed to.They might look scary, lonely, or stickup when they really are nice and polite. Judging a person shouldn’t be about their appearance and if they a re pleasing to the eye. It should be about what is on the inside that really matters. People absolutely misjudge things they don’t understand.

Judging is inevitable . It is part of who we are and what we do. But we shouldn’t embrace society’s steer types, where e are expected to think or act the same.

We shouldn’t judge by appearance, beliefs, religion, race, background and personalities. We should, if we do judge, judge righteous s and tactfully. Your words should be encouraging and helpful, not damaging and designed t o bring someone down. Born Bad Our society and environment does have an influence on who we are. This inch dudes the type of home we live in and who our friends are.

Home is a big part of who o we are.